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11 Valid Reasons to Love Period Panties

11 Valid Reasons to Love Period Panties

In our modern age, we are constantly reminded of how much more convenient our lives are than past generations. We have Google instead of scouring files at the library. We have what basically constitutes an entire office in the palms of our hands. We have effortless shelter, heat, and water. We even get our shopping and hot meals delivered to our doors.

But some of you are not utilizing one modern convenience that could make your menstruating life so much easier. Yes, I’m talking about the technological wonder of period panties.

Your Period’s New Best Friend

In case you haven’t heard about the growing buzz around period underwear, let’s get you up to speed. Period panties look just like regular panties but they have a superpower. Built inside this underwear is the capability to absorb a large amount of liquid and keep it away from your body. It replaces pads and tampons, and even liners on light days.

The secret is found in the super-absorbent material sewn into the crotch of the underwear. It enables you to endure your period pad and tampon-free. They are reusable and last as long as regular underwear, saving you tons of money on traditional sanitary products.

11 Reasons Why You Need Period Panties

While you only need one or two reasons to justify switching to period underwear, we’re here to completely convince you. Check out all these amazing benefits:

  •       Just-in-case underwear. You know those days when you think you might be getting your period but you just aren’t completely sure? You probably wear a panty liner. Well, put those back on the grocery store shelf. Just slip on a pair of period panties and you’re good to go.
  •       End of days underwear. At the back end of your period, you sometimes have days where you bleed but it’s not enough to warrant using a pad or a tampon. Enter period panties. They provide the protection you need in case Aunt Flow decides to stay another day.
  •       Better citizen underwear. Every menstruating person creates tons of sanitary product waste throughout their lifetimes. All this ends up in landfills. By choosing period underwear, you can reduce that waste and help the planet.
  •       Cramp-less underwear. We’ve all been there. When our flow is heavier than usual and our tampons swell to overcapacity, pushing against the vagina wall causing cramps. These panties will never hurt you like that. Quite the contrary.
  •       Emergency response underwear. Even if you prefer to continue using tampons because you have a heavy flow, period panties can act as an extra layer of protection against leaking. This would definitely come in handy if you’re wearing that cute new outfit and don’t want it ruined.
  •       Long flight underwear. No one wants to contemplate bleeding into their pants while on an airplane but it has happened. And if you’re in the window seat next to a cutie the last thing you want to do is step over them with a blood-stained crotch. Avoid this nightmare by deploying period panties on your next flight.
  •       Oh-so-discreet underwear. Anyone who has used menstrual pads can understand this. You feel like you’re wearing a neon sign that says “hey, everyone I’m on my period right now!” Pads add bulk and are uncomfortable. They also slide around no matter how many wings they have. Period underwear is designed to be discreet. No one will ever know you’re on your period just by looking at your underwear.
  •       Comfortable underwear. Because the space-age absorbent material in the crotch of period panties is so thin, you’ll feel like you aren’t on your period at all. This material will also draw all the liquid away from your body and hold it there so you don’t feel wet and gross.
  •       Special circumstance underwear. Sometimes we get other stuff excreted from our vaginas like discharge from an infection, creams used to cure the infection, and normal stuff like the discharge when the vagina routinely cleans itself. Period panties are the perfect underwear for these occasions.
  •       Night watch underwear. Many people have extra heavy menstrual flow at night. Instead of wearing two tampons, a pad, and putting a towel under yourself to keep your bed from looking like a horror show, simply put on a pair of period underwear and sleep well, princess.
  •       What’s happening now underwear. Sometimes life happens and it ends up in your underwear. Perhaps you just had a baby and you’re still bleeding a little. Or you may have had a DNC that’s producing after effects. Maybe you’ve reached the age of a weak bladder and want a little pee protection. All are great reasons to keep period panties in your lingerie drawer.

In conclusion, period panties are your friend in time of need. No matter what that need may be. They provide protection, are highly functional, and let you live as modern people should: doing whatever you want on any day you want, even if it’s a period day.

More Details on Period Underwear

Switching to period panties not only makes your life easier, but it’s great for the environment and your budget. Period underwear lasts for years and is easy to care for. We promise, once you try them, you won’t want to go back, ever.

We recommend you get yourself 3 pairs of period panties for each day of your period. Carry a couple of extra pairs in your purse in a cute cosmetic bag, just like you would carry a couple of extra tampons. Be sure to have plastic Ziploc bags to hold the used ones until you can launder them. It’s recommended to rinse them out in cold water before throwing them in the wash, to avoid stains.

Like anything else, you’ll get the hang of it once you’ve done it a few times. You’ll develop your own routine and know when and how to use them. The bottom line is, we know you’ll love them like millions of others do.

For more information about period panties and where to buy them, click here.