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Are Period Panties Gross? The Real Scoop

Are Period Panties Gross? The Real Scoop

If you ask anyone what it’s like having a period, more often than not you will hear the word “gross” mentioned at least once. After all, who loves bleeding from between your legs? It’s not like it’s a fun activity.

But as we all know, it’s a vital function for anyone wanting to have kids someday, so we accept it, sometimes begrudgingly. And we accept all the other things that come along with it like bloating and cramps because hey, you wanna be pregnant somewhere down the line.

So we do the best we can with catching the flow so we can go on about our business. We may be bleeding but we don’t want to be cut off from all the stuff we have to do, and in particular the stuff we want to do. Some opt for tampons or pads. Others have been looking into less expensive options like menstrual cups or reusable pads.

The rising concern about the environment and our impact has influenced how we think about our periods and our usage of throwaway solutions. After all, no one likes the thought of their used pads ending up choking a rat in a landfill or a turtle in the ocean, where a lot of trash ends up.

This consciousness along with the trend for free-bleeding has resulted in what we think is the most ingenious solution on every count. Period panties are a very practical solution that doesn’t involve bulky artificial mass-produced pads. They are the perfect mix of wearability that fits modern sensibilities.

Okay, What Are Period Panties?

Period panties are manufactured for the specific task of catching your period flow. Unless you are a very heavy bleeder, you won’t need any additional tampons or pads.

These panties look exactly like regular underwear. They even come in bikini, brief, or boy pant options. But the crotch area has very thin, highly absorbent material that traps and holds your flow. It spans from the pubic area to the buttock, so no matter how heavy the flow there’s enough absorbent area to catch it. The type of material used in the crotch can vary from brand to brand, but it is generally a PUL fabric.

PUL is Polyurethane laminate and as it sounds is a waterproof laminated fabric. It’s the same fabric used in fabric menstrual pads and baby diaper exteriors.

In daily use, it will be similar to wearing a thin pad or panty liner without the bulk. One positive to period panties that liners and pads don’t have is they will allow your body to breathe. This airflow can help prevent UTIs, TSS, and other nasty vaginal infections that sometimes happen with tampons and pads.

Are Period Panties Sanitary?

Like anything that gets dirty and needs to be washed, period panties are sanitary if you take care of them properly. They must be laundered after each use. It is also recommended to rinse them in cold water as soon as you can until you have a chance to launder them.

As for the question of being sanitary, you should also think about it in relation to your body’s health and function. It is much more natural for your body to bleed freely with no artificial bulk blocking the airflow to your vagina. Period panties are ultra-thin just like regular panties, so airflow is greatly improved with the period panty option.

As we mentioned above, period panties can also reduce the chance of TSS, UTIs, and other vaginal infections. We vote yes to more airflow and no to nasty infections, please.

Menstrual blood is a completely natural thing and should be treated as such.

How Often Do I Change Period Panties?

This is a natural follow-up question about period panties being sanitary. For some, it is a personal choice. If your flow is light you might only wear one pair throughout the day, and change into a new pair at night before going to bed.

Others with a heavier flow may want to carry a couple of pairs of period panties in their purse or backpack and change more frequently. If you’re at work or school just rinse them out and put them in a ziplock bag until you can launder them at home.

On average, people using period panties change them once every 8 hours. For people with extremely heavy flows, there are different versions of period panties to accommodate you or you can opt to add a menstrual cup or liner for added peace of mind.

Can I Wear Period Panties for Leaky Bladder?

Yes, period panties are a great option for this, and much better than pads, as explained above. Period panties can be used during your period, when you’re not sure when it is coming, for leaky bladder, if you have a heavy discharge or any other situation that requires protection.

Can I Be Active Wearing Period Panties?

Yes, you can do anything you would engage in while wearing a tampon or a pad. However, if you are going swimming you need to wear a leak-proof bathing suit. Otherwise, you cannot wear them while swimming.

To Sum Up

Period panties are not only sanitary, but they provide a more natural, affordable, and practical option for dealing with menstrual flow. Proper rinsing and laundering of period panties will allow you to use them many years into the future.

They are reusable which keeps thousands of used tampons and pads out of landfills. They are as thin as regular underwear so you won’t have the bulk associated with a mass-produced pad. They allow better airflow into the vagina which can help deter vaginal infections.

The Convenient, Modern, Sensible Option – Period Panties

Period panties are one of the best options for people with periods who still want to participate in a modern, active lifestyle. If this article has piqued your interest in period panties and you would like to know more about which type you need, how many you need, and where to purchase them, click over to our website to read more articles and see product options.