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Best Sleeping Positions for Period Cramps

Best Sleeping Positions for Period Cramps

Finding the perfect sleeping position when on your period can be extremely frustrating. Figuring out which way to fall asleep with the cramps and the pain is tricky. The second I get my period I know, I am not going to be able to get much sleep that night.

My cramps are sometimes worst during the night. It's unbelievable how this prevents us from a good night’s sleep, which leads to a not so pleasant morning. Finding the right position to sleep will make all the difference in the world.

Sleeping during your cycle is not without its challenges. You could run into leaks, especially if you don't have the right kind of menstrual products. If your issue is with leaks, try using period panties or bamboo period pads. But, if your issue is dealing with annoying cramps that keep you up all night...Let’s find out which position works best for you.

How should you be sleeping to help relieve cramps during your period?

1. On your side (Fetal Position)

Sleeping in the fetal position will take the pressure off the abdominal muscles. This will cause your skeletal muscles around your abdomen to relax. The less pressure you put on your abdominal muscles, the less tension you will feel. Most importantly, less cramps. Another advantage of sleeping in this position is that you are less likely to stain the sheets or leak.

2. Child’s Pose (rest head on mattress & legs curled beneath you)

This involves folding forward and resting your head on your mattress with your knees curled beneath you. Folding in a way that releases your lower back, is an effective way to relieve cramps. Pretty much any type of forward fold, twists, bound angle pose, and legs up the wall can all help ease cramps. Of course, you can’t sleep in all those positions, but they can definitely help before bed.

3. On your back (Be aware of this one if you have lower back issues)

Not my favorite, but it works. Sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, spine, abdomen, and back to rest. No extra pressure on these areas, means you are less likely to experience pain. When sleeping on your back make sure to keep your neck, head, and upper chest slightly elevated.

How to prepare for a good night's sleep:

1. Drink plenty of water - Bloating usually makes painful cramps feel even worse. Keep a water bottle close by, drink as much as possible. The water will break down the salts in your body making your tummy feel more relaxed.

2. Yoga stretches- Take sometime to stretch. Stretching will get your blood circulating and make the cramps and contractions feel less painful.

3. Take a walk- Easy enough! Even if it’s around the house to warm up your muscles. Walking helps sooth the pain in your lower abdomen. You will sleep more relaxed restorative.

4. Massage- Massage your lower abdomen in a circular motion until you feel your abdominal muscles have started to relax. When massaging on your cycle, the technique has to be softer to avoid a heavier flow.

5. Take a warm bath or hot shower - Run a bath using bath salts, use lavender scents if possible. If you only have a shower, point the shower head to your belly and let the hot water and pressure do the work. Sleep with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Warm water will help soothe painful and aching cramps.

 I’ve also noticed the room temperature makes a big difference on how well I sleep. I make sure to set my thermostat between 60°- 67° when on my period. 


If you're still having trouble sleeping because of your cramps, you should consider trying pain killers or look into natural oils. With the right care, you can sleep great again during your cycle.