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Brave Free Bleeding With Just Period Panties. It’s Fine

Brave Free Bleeding With Just Period Panties. It’s Fine

Believe it or not, an ancient ritual has become ultra-modern yet again. When menstruation is upon us, many of us have chosen to free bleed right into our underwear. There are many reasons why this practice has resurfaced which we will go into below. We will also explore the products making it possible. But for those of you wondering how a person in 2021 can do this and not be shunned, read on.

What Is Free Bleeding Anyway?

Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like: letting your menstrual flow splash right into your underwear like Mother Nature’s waterfall. You don’t use tampons or pads.

People free bleed for all sorts of reasons. They may not be able to afford all those pads and tampons. Or they might be making some sort of statement. But for the most part, people free bleed because:

  •       It is natural. Once you get used to the feeling and have the right products to deal with free bleeding, it just seems like something nature intended. And it was for centuries. Ancient peoples had special huts; Victorian women did it, as did your feminist aunt back in the 70s during the women’s’ movement.
  •       It’s freeing. Not having to think about remembering to buy pads and tampons or make sure you carry enough of them with you can be liberating. One less thing stressing you out during your period.
  •       It’s more comfortable. Not having to ride the cotton pony or insert wads of cotton into your body is just better. Once you go without you’ll understand.
  •       There’s less cramping. Anyone who has not been able to change their tampon when it is bulging with fluid knows how this can induce cramping. When you free bleed this situation is avoided.
  •       It helps prevent infections. People who free bleed are less at risk of TSS or toxic shock syndrome, as well as urinary tract infections. If you suffer from UTIs often, free bleeding could be the answer that saves you buying so much cranberry juice.
  •       It’s way better for the environment. Did you know that during your lifetime you will use and throw away tens of thousands of pads and tampons? Did you know they end up in landfills and eventually oceans? Well, you do now. And if the thought of a dolphin swimming around with your used pad in its mouth doesn’t make you want to give them up, we don’t know what will. Also, just think if millions of people switch to free bleeding. That’s millions of fewer products that will need to be manufactured. That’s a lot less pollution and energy use.

Isn’t Free Bleeding Controversial?

Free bleeding may have been controversial in the 20th century until the 1970s when it made a brief comeback. During the latter part of the century it became less and less controversial and now in the 21st century it’s quite commonplace. Today, the only people who find it most appalling are tampon manufacturers.

Free Bleeding Today: How It’s Done

Many people free bleed into their regular underwear. But if you’re the type who doesn’t want any spotting during an office presentation or sports event, modern innovation has come to your rescue. This is precisely why period panties were created. They come in the same variety of styles that ordinary underwear do: bikini, brief, and boy short.

Period panties worn alone are engineered to catch your menstrual fluid in the same way a pad or tampon would. Special absorbent fabric is used in the crotch of the panties, spanning from the pubic area to the buttocks. Your period fluid is pulled away from your body into the special material, which is also designed to suppress the metallic smell associated with menstrual blood.

Period Panties Worn Alone

Because the design of period panties utilizes modern fabrics with highly absorbent capabilities, it is possible to wear just period panties during your period or on days when you suspect it may arrive. This removes any need to carry pads, tampons, or panty liners with you.

Can I Free Bleed If My Period Is Super Heavy?

Yes! As explained above, the genius of period panties is they are just as absorbent as a pad or tampon. You may have to change your period panties more often during the day, just as you would a pad or a tampon.

If you want extra protection against spotting, you can use period underwear together with a menstrual cup for peace of mind. This goes for everyone who has heavier flow at night as well.

What Are the Risks of Free Bleeding?

For the most part, the biggest risk is that you have a heavier flow than you expect and forget to bring an extra pair of period panties. But this risk is no different than you would have using tampons or pads. You risk spotting into your clothes.

To avoid this, don’t wear that expensive new outfit during your period if you’re really worried about it. But if you know your body and carry an extra pair of period panties with you there won’t be an issue. And you can always supplement with a menstrual cup if you must wear that white cocktail dress.

Ready to Free Bleed? How to Prepare

Now that you have decided to take advantage of the multiple benefits of free bleeding like saving money, carefree periods, and fewer UTIs, it’s time to find the right period panties for your lifestyle.

There are many styles to choose from and most people choose the same type of panty that they already wear. So if you like the coverage of briefs, buy those. If you prefer a little less fabric on your bottom, choose bikinis. And if you like the extra coverage around the pubic area that boy shorts provide, then by all means choose that style.

Get Started with Period Underwear Here

If you still have lingering questions about the free-bleeding lifestyle or how to put it into practice, click here for a ton of useful information and high-quality products to help get you started.