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Can Period Panties Be Worn With My Existing Wardrobe?

Can Period Panties Be Worn With My Existing Wardrobe?

Since the beginning of time, women have been worried about ruining their nice outfits during their period. One could even suspect that Eve wanted to protect that big leaf she wore in the loveliest shade of green. And we've all had period mishaps with leaking menstrual fluid. Many have been found crying at the ruination of their favorite jeans. 

So it's no wonder that many are hesitant to try the popular free-bleeding/period panty method. It may seem unnatural when you're used to wearing pads or tampons. But what you may not know is that free-bleeding is the most natural way of all, and period panties were invented as a way to practice it and protect your clothes in the process.

What Is Free-Bleeding?

Allowing your menstrual blood to flow unimpeded into your underwear is called free bleeding. You don't wear pads or tampons. This doesn't mean that you walk around advertising that you're on your period. The flow is caught by underwear designed to be a healthier substitute for sanitary products.

For thousands of years, women practiced free bleeding during their menstrual cycles. They wore special clothing during this time or sat on mats woven from grass. But what they didn't do was wear artificial material between their legs that added thousands of tons of waste to landfills, nor did they endure as many UTIs and yeast infections.

Free bleeding is simply a healthier alternative. It's something your body does naturally. All you have to do to enjoy this ecologically-superior method is to have the right underwear on hand.

Period Panties - The Better Alternative

Period panties were designed to replace all those pads and tampons that end up in landfills but still offer the right amount of protection no matter your flow. They look just like your regular underwear and even come in the same styles like bikini, brief, and boy cut.

They are less bulky than wearing a pad and less uncomfortable than a tampon. No one will ever know that they aren't normal underwear. For added comfort, most models are tagless and seamless. Some may even have a small pocket in the front for inserting a disposable heat pack to ease cramping.

To use period panties, just purchase your favorite cut of underwear and wear them on the days of your cycle like you would a pad or tampon. The special absorbent material sewn into the crotch catches the flow and pulls it away from your body. Your flow is now trapped inside the material the same way it would be if you were wearing a pad.

Most people with a normal flow will use three pairs of period panties per day. If your flow is light, you may only need one pair during the day and one at night. If your flow is heavier you will probably need 4 or 5 pairs, and you can always add the protection of a menstrual cup to feel more secure.

Doesn't Free Bleeding Feel Strange?

It may feel very strange at first, but once you get used to it you will probably prefer it. Most people do. Without the discomfort of a blood-soaked tampon or bulky pad, you will be more comfortable and your clothes will fit more naturally.

How Do Period Panties Protect My Clothes?

Modern technology doesn't just mean better cell phones and cooler apps. It also means better ways to get through your menstrual cycle. Sewn into your period panties from the pubic area to the buttock area is a space-age, waterproof material called polyurethane laminate or PUL that can absorb many times its own weight in fluid. This material will catch and hold the liquid, pulling it away from your body to keep you dry.

Can I Wear My Regular Wardrobe with Period Panties?

The short answer is yes! As previously stated, period panties look just like regular panties and have no added bulk. This means you can wear your tightest jeans, your sparkiest club dress, and your favorite leggings. 

The bottom line is that there is no reason to have a "period wardrobe" while using period panties. Many women wear older stuff while on their periods because they don't want to put their special clothes at risk. That's not a problem when you wear period panties, because your underwear is literally protecting your clothes.

Can I Wear Period Panties During Sports Activities?

This is no problem, and in fact, you may be a better athlete because you're more comfortable and you're not worrying about your pad slipping as you leap over hurdles during a track meet. Your sports activities may be more enjoyable overall.

You can wear period panties doing gymnastics, playing basketball, softball, or any other sport you enjoy. You can even swim if you wear a leak-proof swimsuit over them.

What Other Benefits Do Period Panties Offer?

Period panties are a great alternative for women prone to UTIs and yeast infections caused by tampon and pad use. By allowing more airflow around your vagina, they decrease the chance for bacteria to build up and cause problems. 

Period panties are also a great solution for women who suffer from weak bladders or leaky bladders. By having this absorbent layer built into their underwear, they can forego wearing those ugly leaky bladder products that let's face it, look like adult Pull-Ups.

Another benefit to period panties is what they do for the planet. Since period underwear is washable and reusable they keep millions of used sanitary products out of landfills. You can have a clear conscience knowing you are helping to keep our planet healthy.

Switch to Period Panties and Still Rock Your Style

Now that you know what period panties are and how they protect your clothes, there's no reason to fear wardrobe mishaps while free bleeding. You can wear your favorite styles and not have to worry. You can be more comfortable and your body can operate more naturally. and last but not least, you can help protect the planet.

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