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Do Period Panties Work for Heavy Periods?

Do Period Panties Work for Heavy Periods?

If you’re that girl with the giant hobo bag filled with pads and tampons, sneaking through the office so none of your colleagues spot your embarrassing contraband, listen up. This will be news you can use.

Some girls hardly use a tampon a day during their periods but others among us were blessed with a uterus so adept at nesting it’s ridiculous. Hence all those menstrual products in your purse. We’ve all heard the horror stories told by “heavies” among us: the girl who leaked on her date’s car seat, another who bled through her suit during an interview. We’ve either been there ourselves or know someone who shudders at the thought of their own harrowing leak memory.

What if it were possible to not only end potential leak days but also ditch all that embarrassing stuff you carry around? Well, you can. All you need is a sleek pair of period panties and a tiny menstrual cup. Imagine not having to worry about leaving embarrassing marks on office chairs or ruining your newest outfit. 

It’s possible, thanks to the miracle of these incredible garments. More and more women are switching to these reusable, environmentally-responsible products. The great news is, “heavy” girls can, too. Menstrual panties are all the rage and they’re here to stay.

How Period Panties Work

Super-absorbent menstrual underwear is designed to hold 20 ML of liquid, about two tampons worth. The middle section has multiple layers of moisture-wicking, giving you the extra protection you need on heavier days.

Comfort and Leak Protection 

Most form-fitting period underwear is made from organic cotton and high tech moisture-absorbing inner layers where it counts. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, with the high waist being one of the most popular styles.

Options for Your Overachieving Uterus

If your body produces enough menstrual blood for three women, you can add a menstrual cup for extra protection on your heaviest days. Pairing period panties with a discreet cup not only frees up room in your hobo bag for those new shoes you bought, but it also frees your mind from stressing over your period.

Not Just for Periods Anymore

It isn’t just women with heavy or unpredictable periods who benefit from period panties. People with weak bladders or bladder leak issues wear these brilliant garments instead of bulky pads or, *gasp*, Depends. 

Athletes, avid travelers, and workers with long hours wear period underwear for convenience and peace of mind. Who wants to lose their shot at a gold medal because dang, my period just showed up? No one, ever. So put on that sassy pink pair of period panties and go climb a mountain or build that skyscraper. 

The benefits of menstrual underwear don’t stop with the physical or psychological. Here are some very practical reasons to wear period panties every day of your life:

The Earth-Friendly Option

In the mid-’90s, reusable period products started popping up on places like Etsy as a way to reduce garbage waste and be kinder to the planet. Over the years these products became increasingly popular for their practicality and thrift. It became cooler to recycle and reuse as many products as possible and that now includes feminine products. Over the years, thousands upon thousands of pads and tampons were kept out of landfills and these genius products deserve all the credit.

The Financially Savvy Option

Women spend millions of dollars on mass-produced feminine products every year and it gets expensive. We’ve all had that month where our period arrives a few days before payday and there isn’t enough cash for tampons. Products like period panties eliminate those stress-filled situations.

By investing in 7 - 14 pairs to cover your workweek or a vacation, you’ll free yourself from worrying about a tampon savings account. (Heavy girls know all about this!)

The Practical Option

Wearing period underwear every day frees your mind from period anxiety and your body from added stress. Simply put, it just makes sense. You’ll finally be free to impact the world with everything you have instead of wondering when Aunt Flow might show up in your white jeans. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

In conclusion, period panties are a wonderful underwear choice during your next period, whether your flow is light or heavy. The multiple layers of wicking material give added protection as they absorb up to 20 ML of fluid with each wear. 

But their uses don’t stop there. If you’re an athlete, dancer, construction worker, firefighter, restaurant manager, or other professionals with long hours this is the underwear for you. Put them on and you can forget what a period even is. They’ve got this.

Finally, there are the added benefits to the earth and your budget. Wear period panties knowing you’re doing Mother Earth a favor by keeping thousands of tampons out of landfills and oceans. Your reward is a bigger bank account from never having to buy paper feminine products ever again.