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Drop Incontinence Pads Now for This Safe, Modern Solution

Drop Incontinence Pads Now for This Safe, Modern Solution

As women get older certain bodily functions we took for granted begin to become erratic. Our knees and ankles make cracking sounds. Our hips become a bit broader as our metabolism slows. And our bladders aren’t as reliably watertight as they used to be.

The first time incontinence happens comes as quite a shock. You’re sitting at a restaurant having lunch with the girls, laughing at all the stories when suddenly you feel wetness on your bottom and not the good kind. Your bladder has leaked. You have cried pee onto your nice suit. It’s a very disconcerting event, to say the least.

Why Incontinence Happens

As stated before, as we get older the body weakens. This is also true for muscles including the bladder muscles and nerves surrounding them. They can be damaged from childbirth or injury, but nearly half of older women will experience some degree of incontinence after the onset of menopause.

There are exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic muscles and it will help temporarily. However, the bladder once loose will most likely become looser with age despite your best efforts.

It isn’t just older women. Incontinence can happen to women of any age if muscles or nerves that control bladder function are damaged.

How to Deal With Incontinence

No one wants to be the butt of a joke or the poster girl for a stereotype. We’ve all heard the jokes about Depends. Manufacturers of female products hear our cry and came up with a girlier version of Depends that was meant to be less diaper-like. But most of us still don’t want to resort to wearing adult Pull-Ups.

If you only have the occasional leak with not much liquid, you can try panty liners. But that can get expensive and it isn’t exactly friendly to the environment.

We need a better, more workable option. And it’s finally here.

Incontinence Underwear for Leaky Bladders

Let’s face it, bladder control pads shaped like underwear aren’t exactly great for your self-image. They are not only awkward to wear but they are even more awkward to hide under clothing. Imagine wearing them under a silk dress! No, the smarter option is an innovative new product designed specifically for modern women.

Incontinence underwear is made with thin layers of super-absorbent material that can hold many cc’s of liquid. It draws the liquid away from your body and holds it there. Incontinence underwear is also manufactured with antimicrobial treatment to inhibit odor and bacteria growth. This helps to keep your nether regions healthy and eliminate any embarrassing pee smell.

Incontinence panties look and feel exactly like regular underwear so no one will ever guess you are wearing them. (Isn’t that better than showing off pink Depends?) They come in bikini and brief styles that flatter any figure. They’re economical to use because they can be laundered and used again and again. They’re also better for the environment than using mass-produced disposable incontinence products.

How to Choose Incontinence Underwear

These wonderful new products are available in many styles, colors, and absorbency levels. As a newcomer to incontinence panties, you may have to experiment a bit before you find the style and absorbency strength that suits your lifestyle.

Once you find the product you like, buy a dozen or so for your wardrobe. Wearing them on a daily basis won’t feel any different than your regular underwear and you’ll be confident in knowing that you’re protected no matter what happens.

How to Use Incontinence Panties

Begin wearing your panties on a daily basis or on occasions where you feel they may be needed. Remember, they’re still just underwear, but with superpowers!

Many women keep an extra pair in their purses in a pretty plastic or rubber zipper pouch. If the need arises for a fresh pair, they simply put the fresh pair on and place the soiled pair back in the little pouch to launder later.

When you launder your underwear, place them in a lingerie bag and wash them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. Be sure not to let them sit too long in the laundry basket before throwing them in the washer.) If you can’t do laundry for a while, be sure to rinse them out after you have worn them.

Benefits of Incontinence Panties vs. Disposable Bladder Control Products

In case you aren’t already convinced that incontinence underwear is the better option for modern women, consider this:

  •       Wardrobe – You won’t have to plan your outfit around bulky, plastic adult diapers. Incontinence panties are ultra-thin and won’t interfere with your chic style.
  •       Sports – Imagine wearing Depends under yoga pants or spandex running pants. Yuck! Incontinence underwear won’t give your secrets away or hold you back from participating in your favorite activities.
  •       Earth-Friendly – Sleep better at night knowing that by switching to incontinence panties you won’t be contributing to the tons of bladder control products littering landfills at this very moment.
  •       Budget-Friendly – Incontinence underwear is reusable and washable. You’ll be wearing them for years as opposed to throwing them out after a single-use. This will save you lots of money over time.
  •       Comfort – Wouldn’t you rather wear thin, soft material against your body as opposed to scratchy paper and plastic? Of course you would.
  •       Convenience – Incontinence panties can be rolled up to fit in the palm of your hand and hidden away in your purse. Try hiding a Depends in your evening bag, we dare you.

Incontinence Panties – The Solution You Need Now

Whether you’re new to loose bladder issues or you’ve been dealing with it for years, this wonderful new underwear is the answer you’re looking for. There’s a style and absorbency to suit every need and lifestyle, and it’s only a click away.

Shop Now for Incontinence Underwear

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