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Effective Solutions for Incontinence: Bladder Leak Underwear for Men and Women

Effective Solutions for Incontinence: Bladder Leak Underwear for Men and Women

If you deal with incontinence, more than likely at some point, you have worn an absorbent pad or under ware. Although you’ve learned to manage your bladder mishaps with other treatment options, absorbent products are usually a constant in the management ammo of an incontinence sufferer. Bladder mistakes happen, and if they do it’s nice to know that you have something in place to avoid them.

While most people turn to a disposable absorbent product or incontinence underwear, we’re happy to tell you it’s not your only option. An ever-growing market of companies are developing reusable products that are stylish and comfortable but they help reduce the strain on the environment as well.


Reusable incontinence underwear is just what it states in the name – underwear that absorbs bladder leakage, and after you wash them they can be used again, just like regular underwear. The big difference is that reusable underwear almost always has a pad built into them that is able to wick away and absorb leaks, just like the ones at Moon Time Store.


Anyone can use reusable incontinence underwear. It goes without saying those who experience light-to-medium leaks are probably best suited for the product.


There’s a lot to like about reusable incontinent underwear. Some of the main benefits are: Cost. Yes, some brands seem a bit pricey at first. But given the cost of disposables and that you have to continue to buy them over and over, reusables are usually always cheaper in the long term. Keep in mind what you’re paying for – these aren’t just your normal underwear.

A ton of brands have incorporated many features into Pee Proof Underwear such as – absorbent and wicking technology to keep you as dry as can be, special fabrics that help to eliminate odor leaving you smelling fresh and stylish designs that are almost impossible to find with disposable products.

Reusable incontinence underwear feels more like real underwear. Many brands of reusable incontinence underwear come in many types and fits (even thongs!). The materials and patterns are a lot like normal underwear rather than disposable absorbent items. Because they are almost always a lot softer and stretchier materials (typically natural or non-toxic materials). They usually feel a bit more comfortable than most disposables do.

They’re machine washable. The glory of using a reusable is that you can throw it in the laundry and wash it as you normally would a pair of underwear.

They’re not just for bladder leaks. Some reusable products are designed not only for bladder leaks: they can also be used for incontinence, menstruation, sweat, or discharge making the decision of what to wear easy peasy.

They’re more eco-friendly. Worried about the environment? Same. Using reusable incontinence underwear can in the very least give you peace of mind that you’re not contributing to the over usage of our world's resources.

They’re more discreet than disposable products. Because they really do look like regular underwear, many people won’t suspect you’re wearing an absorbent product at all.



While there are certainly lots of benefits to reusable underwear, there are a number of drawbacks:

They may not hold big leaks as well.

If you are a person who leaks a big amount throughout the day, reusables may not be suitable for you. Many products will differ in their absorbency level by brand or even by style. But even really absorbent brands typically only hold right around 8 tsps of urine at most before needing changing.

Changing them when out could be a hassle.

It’s not impossible but unlike using a disposable that you can just throw in the garbage can at work, if you do experience a heavy leak that requires a change, it may be more complicated to find a place to store your dirty undies until you get home.

You have to clean them.

One of the major obstacles to using a reusable product is that you have to clean it. While you might feel like this is tedious or even a little nasty, it’s really not as big of a deal as you may think, especially if your leaks are on the smaller side. A lot of products don’t really need any special treatment, and you can simply throw them into the wash with the rest of your linens. Easy peasy.

Over time their effectiveness may dissipate.

Just like normal underwear dont last forever, reusable absorbent underwear can have general wear with use and regular washing. After some time you may find that you have to replace them. Taking care of them can help them last longer, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing. There aren’t as many options available for men but several brands are making strides in this area, but unfortunately, some brands have more women’s styles than men's.


There seem to be lots of reusable products available in todays market – each with different styles and fits. Some highly recommended brands include (* indicates styles for both men and women):

  • Speax, By Thinx
  • Knix
  • Conni*
  • Wearever*
  • Zorbies*
  • Confitex*

Just like not every disposable product (or even normal underwear) fits people the same, not all brands will work the same for everyone. The amazing news is that many of the companies listed above have online or customer service numer to help you choose the product that’s best for you.