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How Absorbent Are Period Panties?

How Absorbent Are Period Panties?

Are you wondering if you should switch to period panties from pads or tampons? However, one question holds you back – how absorbent are they? You don’t want to get up to find your clothes and seat stained with blood, rather you want something that makes you feel secure, and free bleeding creates a lot of doubts.

Are period panties right for you?

Believe it or not, but period panties are more secure than pads and tampons. Why don’t you test them out at home if you don’t believe us? You can wear your period underwear at home all day long without any hassle or discomfort. 

Here’s what we want you to do when you have them on:

  • Jump and run here and there around the house
  • Wear them all day long, only changing into a new pair at night
  • Sleep with them on and wake up the next day to clean your clothes and sheet

Doing this will reveal how absorbent period panties are, but we understand you may still be reluctant to buy them. 

To help you to make up your mind to even give them a trial run, you need to know how absorbent period panties are. 

The Answer to Your Burning Question

All-day long! The key to making your period panties last the entire day is to select the right style and absorbency level, based on your period flow. Do you have super light, medium, or super heavy menstrual flow? 

Most state-of-the-art period panties are made from a special type of material that draws moisture away from your skin, is odor-free, and naturally antimicrobial. The special material collects your period blood and draws it from your skin, thereby keeping you feeling dry and fresh the entire day. 

After a while, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing period panties…unless the period symptoms kick in to remind you. Otherwise, you won’t feel any difference between regular underwear and period underwear.

When Should You Change Your Period Underwear?

If you select the right type of period panties for your period flow, you can wear them the entire day. Unlike traditional menstrual products, which you need to change every four hours, you can wear your period panties when you wake up in the morning and remove them when you get home. 

Before going to bed, wear a fresh pair of period underwear and go to sleep peacefully. Don’t worry about your white or light-colored bed sheets getting ruined because your period panty won’t leak. The best part of sleeping in your period underwear is that you’ll no longer have to deal with uncomfortable pads that may move out of place at night. 

With period underwear on, you don’t have to be conscious about how you sleep in your bed. Just sleep as you always do.

Can You Wear Both Period Panties and a Menstrual Cup?

If you wear a menstrual cup and you need added protection, you can wear your period underwear. The same goes for when you’re wearing a pad or tampon. Even emergencies are covered. Don’t you hate it that you have to wear a pad or tampon because your periods are due to show up any day now? 

Instead of wearing uncomfortable menstrual products, you can wear period panties on those days. If your period starts unexpectedly, have a period panty as a backup. You can wear your period underwear and go about your day as usual. 

Plus, it’s easier to change period panties in the washroom than pads and tampons because you don’t have to carry your entire bag to the washroom, especially if you’re at work. 

How Else Can You Benefit from Period Panties Absorbent Quality?

The good thing about period panties is that women can use them for other reasons, not just when they have their period. You can wear them if you suffer from light bladder leakage, odor, swear, discharge, or spotting. 

If you have endometriosis, you can combat its symptoms, such as incontinence and irregular period by wearing them. You can wear them while exercising or even on your big day to ensure no accidents happen that can ruin your beautiful white wedding dress. 

Period Panties Give You the Confidence to Wear Whatever You Want 

When your period arrives, your period clothes come out. They’re safe to wear during your period and it kind of dampens your style and lowers your confidence because your period stands between you and your stylish light pink dress or cute baby blue shorts.

With period panties, there will be no need for you to take out your period clothes. You can wear clothes without worrying about any leaks happening, thanks to their super absorbent quality. You can strut your stuff on your period and no one would ever know that you’re on them. 

Period Panties are Discreet! 

They’re better than other traditional products and perfect for women who don’t want to insert anything inside. You can do away with tampons and pads and bring home a pair of period panties. If you need to perform a trial run, buy one pair of period underwear before you get more.

However, chances are that you’ll end up getting more because of how you’ll feel while wearing them. Another great thing about wearing these is that you will be doing something good for the environment. If you want to leave your carbon footprint, switching to period panties is the way to go.

Even though you may not think you’re doing a lot, but you’re doing way more than you think for the environment. For the environment, it’s one less person polluting it. Make a difference and be that person.

Are you interested in a menstrual product that benefits not only you but also the environment? If you are, what’s the wait? 

Try period underwear today to find out if it’s for you. You can order period panties here and if you have any questions, we’re here to answer them for you and make your journey of wearing period panties a smooth one.