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How long can you wear your pad?

How long can you wear your pad?

During your period, sanitary pads should be changed as often as necessary. This will prevent the pad from becoming saturated with menstrual flow. But what does often mean? Well this will depend on how much menstrual blood you have. It is a good suggestion to change pads at least every 4 to 6 hours, even if you are not bleeding much.

If your period is heavy, you should change pads more often because they may get wet quicker. You should change your pads at least every two hours. This way, you will always avoid accidents and stay dry. Bring along supplies when you are away from home.

No matter if you have a regular, moderate, or heavy flow. You must change your sanitary pads at least every four to six hours. You need to keep in mind that even if the pad appears to be clean and dry, your body sheds blood that will stick to the pad.

Did you know: 60% of women wear the wrong size pad?

Having a menstrual pad that fits properly provides you with the protection you need. The “one size fits all” does not work when selecting your menstrual pads. Everyone is unique and everyone has a distinctive menstrual flow. A fit based on your shape and flow offers you the best protection.

It is a common mistaken belief that all feminine pads are the same and that they all leak! Many women blame themselves when they experience a leak and not their sanitary pad, or period cup.

Sanitary Pads come in different lengths and sizes. Front to back coverages to match your specific protection needs. A longer daytime pad or one designed for night time can increase coverage and reduce leaks.

You should also be aware that the buildup of blood in your pad will start smelling. Pads develop an odor after several hours, this is normal. You may want to change it frequently for this reason alone. However, you should watch this smell to make sure it is not unbearable as this may be a concern.

Pads have become overly complex. Many contain perfumes and odor less systems. They also come in deodorant varieties. Those systems in place are a mixture of materials that could remove bad odors. Some even contain gel that solidifies the discharge, preventing it from leaking. These pads can cause irritation or produce allergic reactions to the delicate area.

What are the alternatives?

Menstrual Underwear - Save Money and Save the Planet! Super comfy, stretchable and ultra-protective period proof panties. Eco-friendly way to protect from leaks staining and embarrassing situations!

Our Period Panties consist of a multi-layer moisture absorbent technology. This allows you to move freely and comfortably without any leakage or any discomfort. Extra wide inner absorbent lining which stretches from the back to the front. You can wear those white pants with confidence!

Menstrual panties can hold up to 20ml of menstrual fluid, equaling about 2 disposable tampons. Helping you remain 100% leak free throughout the day or night. Providing maximum protection to your clothes and bed sheets.

100% Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads - Bamboo is an amazing natural wonder fiber. It is also the fastest growing plant on earth! (making it very sustainable). Bamboo is also naturally deodorizing. Fights bacteria so there is no need for bleaching chemicals or other toxins which can be bad for you. This sanitary pad is designed to prevent leakage.

It is Environmentally friendly and reusable. Cost effective and free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Our Best Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads are designed to use, change, wash, and store easily.

Menstrual Cups - Not only are they safer for the environment, but they ensure you have easier, and cleaner periods. The cups offer 8-hour leak free protection. Made of high-quality healthcare grade silicone. Comfortable and durable.

Does not contain: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene. Free of colors and dyes.

Eco-friendly, user-friendly, safe alternative to disposable tampons or pads. Reusable No waste, no harmful chemicals, No toxins. Your cup will last for several years. Save hundreds on disposable pads and tampons. Made with extra grip ridges for easier removal.