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How Period Panties Can Save You from Unexpected Period?

How Period Panties Can Save You from Unexpected Period?

“Surprise!” You didn’t expect it now, did you?!” Your period is back again and this time, it launched a surprise attack. Periods can be a monthly inconvenience, unpleasant and messy, especially if they leave a stain on your clothes! 

Sometimes, you will get them on the expected dates for a few months and then bang! Without any warning, they announce their arrival, leaving a mark on your clothes. 

What Can You Do?

The old-fashioned way is to wear a pad or tampon one week before your period starts. If your period is late, you can’t remove your pad or tampon because then it can show up anytime without warning. However, wearing a pad or tampon isn’t exactly uncomfortable! Plus, if you didn’t get them, it’s annoying to wake up to a clean traditional menstrual product.

The only choice you have is to replace the clean menstrual product with a new one because of hygiene. That’s money down the drain! Conventional menstrual products are expensive and if you’re wearing them to keep your periods from surprising you, you’ll find yourself buying a new pack sooner than you usually would. 

“Okay, so no pads and no tampons. What else is there?”

We’re glad you asked!

Period Panties — Saving the Day 

If periods are the villain, period panties are the hero. They’ll save the day, rescuing you from your unexpected period. Period panties are made from an innovative, multi-layered, moisture-absorbent technology. 

They’re no different than regular underwear with the only difference being is that they absorb period blood. They offer you maximum comfort and the confidence you need to move freely without stressing about your periods dropping in uninvited. When your period begins, it won’t feel like a fluffy diaper. 

“What about the odor?” 

Period underwear made from breathable cotton draws away wetness, drying it up fast. The odor-controlling technology neutralizes and eliminates odors, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh all day long. If you think that period panties are only saving you from unexpected periods, you’re mistaken. Let’s learn more about its benefits.

The Heroic Tales of Period Panties

We aren’t calling period panties heroes for no reason. Here is why they deserve the title:

Save the Environment 

The average woman in the United States throws away seven pounds of conventional menstrual products into the environment. With around 700 million pounds of pads and tampons finding their way into the environment each year, we don’t have to tell you the harmful outcome of that.

Disposal wastes, along with other environmental problems, are slowly killing the environment, so why add to the problem when you can become the solution. The solution is to wear reusable period panties. Wear. Wash. Reuse.

Save Women-owned Businesses

Every hero gets their power from somewhere. Spiderman got his powers from a spider bite, whereas Green Lantern got his powers from a ring. In the period panties case, they get their power from women-owned businesses. As a woman, wouldn’t you want to support and care for the makers, so they can continue to create and sell period panties and make improvements to their existing design? 

Save Your Bank Account

Did you know that most women spend more than $1,700 on tampons and $443 on panty liners before they die? That’s a whole lot of money that you could’ve saved. If you wear period panties, they won’t break your bank account. Yes, their initial costs are high, but you will be reusing them several times throughout the year.

You can buy one-period panties or a set of three-period panties. When you’re not buying pads and tampons each month, you’ll realize the amount of money you saved. It’ll also make you think why you didn’t switch to them before. Hey, it’s never too late to start saving money!

Save You from Embarrassment  

Yes, we already discussed this, but it doesn’t hurt to give a quick reminder because period panties and you both have one common enemy — an unexpected period. If you are playing a sport or at work or school and your period starts, you won’t have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to wear a tampon or pad. 

You’re sitting in a meeting. You feel like your period has begun. You won’t have a mini panic attack or start fidgeting in your chair, trying to find a way to excuse yourself from the meeting because you’ll know that your period panties have your back, saving you from the unexpected period.

With Period Panties, You Will be Prepared For Your Monthly Cycle 

Don’t you want to live without fear each month? Of course, you do! Imagine a world without pads and tampons — it’s nice, right? With period underwear, you aren’t only preventing period stains from ruining your outfit, but you’re also helping the environment, supporting small businesses, and saving money. 

 “All that sounds good, but how much period blood can they hold and how often will I have to wash them?”

Period panties can hold up to two tampons worth of blood. That’s 20 ml of menstrual blood. You’ll not be changing your period panties in the middle of the day but can come home and wear a new period panty before going to bed. 

Just rinse them with water until it runs clear and cold wash them in the machine, but don’t use bleach or fabric softeners because it’ll affect the absorbency of the panties. Hang dry and you’re done! These leak-proof and super-absorbent period panties are your tickets out of wearing uncomfortable and costly pads and tampons.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions, but if you have any more questions about period panties, you can look through our blogs or email us your questions.