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How Period Panties Make Going to the Gym a Breeze?

How Period Panties Make Going to the Gym a Breeze?

Periods can throw away your entire gym routine under the bus. You don’t want your period to start at the gym, nor do you want to miss the gym while you’re on your period. If you get them at the gym, you will find yourself rushing to the bathroom to wear a tampon or pad and cut your gym session short. 

How Can You Prevent that from happening?

Did you know that period panties are a gym fanatic’s best friend? You can wear period panties when you go to the gym even if your periods haven’t started. Your periods are due to start any day now, but you can’t afford to skip the gym.

You can wear a tampon or a pad to the gym, but you’ll not feel comfortable at all while wearing either of them, especially the pad. Is there another option that you can use? Instead of relying on uncomfortable methods of protection for your periods, you can use comfortable and reusable period panties. 

Period Panties? — What Are They?

Period panties are made from moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, super absorbent, and odor-controlling material. Moisture-wicking is breathable cotton that directs wetness away and dries fast. Odor controlling neutralizes odors to ensure you feel fresh and clean all day long. 

The super absorbent material soaks menstrual blood without feeling bulky, while it keeps your clothes, bedsheets, and everything stain-free. These panties can hold up to 20 ml of blood — that equals to two disposable tampons.

Just rinse your period underwear with water until the water runs clear, cold wash in the washing machine, hang dry and reuse them. They’re available in various sizes — S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL — and beautiful colors. Even though you may find them expensive, know that it’s a one-time cost and it’s worth the money because they can last you several years. You should buy at least two to three-period panties. 

Period Panties Super Qualities Make Them Super Perfect for the Gym

If your period starts out of the blue while you’re in the middle of lifting weights, you can continue to lift them and carry on with your workout because your period underwear is catching and collecting your period blood.

When you’re wearing them, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a menstrual product at all. They’ll feel like your regular everyday underwear. If you work out religiously each day of the week and you don’t want your period to come between you and the gym, give period panties a try.

Can Period Panties Do Something about Menstrual Cramps?

Even though experts have said that the benefits of free bleeding have yet to be proven, there are several women who state that wearing period panties, which promote free bleeding, can reduce menstrual cramping and feel more comfortable. 

Switching from tampons to period panties also reduces the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome is less with tampons, but there’s still a chance. With free bleeding, there’s not even the slightest chance of you getting toxic shock syndrome. 

Period underwear prevents skin rashes and irritation caused by pads and tampons. You can make your experience of wearing period panties even better by taking other measures that decrease menstrual pain and give you a good pain-free workout.

Period Workout Tips

Our period workout tips will make going to the gym and working out a breeze:

Never Overexert Yourself

If your period started at the gym, all you can think about is going home, getting into your PJs, eating ice cream, and putting a heating pad on your stomach to ease the pain. Don’t go home. Stay at the gym and workout without overexerting yourself. 

You can run on the treadmill, lift weights and do cardio without constantly thinking about whether your tampon and pad is in place or not. You won’t even have to think about changing your tampon or pad during this time because period panties can soak up period blood that equals to two tampons. Workout with ease and with zero interruptions. 

Remember to Stretch 

Whether you’re on your periods or not, remember to stretch before you go for weights or do cardio. Stretching reduces your risk of injury, so don’t increase it by not stretching. Most of the pain that you experience in your periods is due to constricting the uterus muscle.

Since you’re wearing period panties, you can stretch as you normally would without worrying about your tampon getting dislodged or your pad sliding out of place. Plus, stretching and working out can reduce period pain. That explains why some nurses at school tell you to walk the pain off when you tell them you have periods. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water seems counterproductive because you’re trying to work out, but there’s a reason why you need to keep a water bottle handy when you work out during your periods. Drinking a lot of water can eliminate the extra water from your body and reduce bloating. If you start your periods at the gym and become bloated, you’ll be sweating it out. 

Period Panties — Not Just for the Gym, but for Every Physical Activity 

Wearing period underwear on your periods gives you the freedom to partake in all types of physical activity. Whether it’s dancing, running, trekking, hiking, cycling, jogging, or any exercise class, you can do it all without worrying about leaks or discomfort. Before you head out, change your period panties, wearing a new one. Dry the first pair, so you can reuse them when you come from if needed. 

Period panties will change how you work out. If you’re searching for a way to work out during your periods, we have it! Explore our collection of period panties and select the one that is the right size for you. We also offer you several wonderful colors to choose from. Make every workout count and never skip a day with period panties.