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How to Introduce Period Panties to Your Growing Girl

How to Introduce Period Panties to Your Growing Girl

Your daughter has gotten her first period and you want to introduce her to period panties. Don’t know where to start? In that case, we know just how you can talk to her about periods and using period panties instead of pads and tampons. 

Most parents talk to their little girls about menstruation the first time they have them. The sooner you let your daughter know about periods, the better. While talking about it can make little girls a bit uncomfortable, it’s your responsibility, as a parent, to give your daughter reliable information on how the female body works. 

By telling her now instead of at a certain age, you also save her from the embarrassment of finding out it the ugly way — a red stain on her clothes at school! The majority of women give their daughters pads and tampons to carry with them to school. 

Not only are pads and tampons are uncomfortable to wear, but they need to be changed multiple times a day to prevent leaks. With period panties, just stuff them in your pocket, wear them, and you’re good to go. 

We bet when you tell this logic to your little girl, she’ll agree

But first, here’s what you can tell your girl when they’re around six or seven years old about periods.

“Each month, a woman bleeds from her vagina. It’s called a period. They don’t bleed because they’re hurting, but it’s how their body prepares them for a baby. Period underwear catches the blood, so it doesn’t leak through your clothes.”

Instead of bombarding them with “period talk”, keep an eye for natural moments you can bring it up. Tell them about periods if they discover your stash of menstrual products. However, that’s more the case with them seeing a pad or tampon, not with period panties. Period panties look like regular underwear, so that’s a plus. 

Other perfect moments to bring up “period talk” is when they ask you about puberty or changing bodies or if your child wants to know where a baby comes from. We would have said if they found you buying pads or tampons, but again, with period panties, that’ll not be the case. If you wear menstrual cups and find them, “period talk.”

When Can You Expect Your Girl to Have Her Periods?

Most women get their first period between ten and fifteen years old. The average age a woman gets her periods is 12. If you have had no perfect and natural moments to talk to your growing girl about periods, you can tell her when she turns nine. That’s the time, you also want to introduce her to period panties, not pads and tampons. 

Introducing Your Growing Girl to Period Panties

By getting her to use period panties at a young age, you’re saving the environment. In the past, our parents introduced us to traditional menstrual products, and we continued to use them with most women still using them. It’s about not leaving your comfort zone and because you’re just used to them and don’t want to change to something else. 

If you’ve made the switch, don’t repeat the same mistake as people before us, but get your child familiar with period panties from the beginning. Get them comfortable using them from a young age to give back to the environment and most importantly, make getting periods less of a hassle each month.

Here’s what you need to tell your little girl about wearing period panties:

A Money-Saving Change 

Even though your daughter will not realize it now, she will later when she finds out the money that she’s saving by wearing period panties. Since they’re reusable, you don’t need to buy a new pair each month. They can last you up to one whole year and even more depending on how you care for them.

Giving Back to the Environment

Today’s generation is more aware of what’s happening around them. They know about global warming and the effects of pollution on the environment. If your daughter is a little environmentalist, she might already know about period panties and if she doesn’t, she’ll thank you for introducing them to her. 

No More Odor

Tell your daughter that with period panties, that icky smell of periods will be history. Period panties are made from state-of-the-art technology, which eliminates foul odors related to periods. Even though pads have that technology too, the technology used in period panties is a little more advanced. Be comfortable without fearing someone will smell it. 

Absorbs Blood 

Period panties can absorb 20 ml of period blood. That’s two disposable tampons worth of blood! Tell your little girl that she doesn’t have to worry about leaks or to change the period underwear frequently. 


Tell your daughter to start wearing them a few days before her periods are expected to start to thwart any accidents if they happen earlier than expected. It’ll save your daughter from embarrassment and give her the confidence she needs without being conscious if she has blood on her clothes. 

When Your Little Girl Gets Older, You Can Introduce Her to Menstrual Cups

Give your daughter the option of using both and let her choose. Menstrual cups offer the same benefits as period panties but require a little practice to use them. When your daughter gets older, you can tell her about menstrual cups and let her decide on which one she prefers more. 

In the past, we had the choice of choosing between pads and tampons

In the future, we have the choice of choosing between period panties and menstrual cups

Buy your daughter’s first period panties from us. When she’s old enough to use menstrual cups, we’ll supply you her first menstrual cup. Change begins with you!