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Girl's First Period

Girl's First Period

Menstruation has been and always will be a part of a woman's life. When it comes to young girls and menstrual cycles, most find that it is very frightening. They are unsure how to talk to discuss this. This may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn't have to be.
The first signs of a period are usually very light, usually only a few tiny cramps that are associated with the change in menstrual cycle. Her first period will probably be irregular. (maybe just a few little cramps, maybe even no cramps at all), and will usually last for two to seven days, on average. If they last for a week or more, you might want to consult a doctor.
Most young girls will experience a period at some point in their lives. If you have been asked how to talk to young girls about periods, then the best way to start is by asking her what she thought. Was it normal, did she feel scared, worried or embarrassed about it.
Many people find that they do not know how to talk to young girls about menstruation. They just assume that their periods are something that should be hidden away from everyone. The fact is that it is very normal, and not only does it have absolutely nothing to do with how old you are. A young girl who understands that her periods are normal can open up many new possibilities for her.
Many young girls feel embarrassed or even ashamed to talk to their parents about menstruation. They are unsure of what their parents will say about it. However, if you are truly worried about how to talk to your young one about menstruation, it may be time to ask for help. Sit with her and answer questions that can help her understand how menstruation actually works. She will appreciate this more than you know.
There are many different ways that girls can learn about their periods. Different ways that menstruation occurs in their bodies, and their periods. You can find out a lot about what is going on with your own body when you talk to your doctor. Schedule an appointment with an OBGYN before her first period, this will surely reassure her.
You can also find a great deal of information about how to talk to young girls about menstruation by researching. Try different books and websites. These books and sites will give you the latest scoop and give you plenty of tips on how to speak to young girls about menstruation in a way that they feel comfortable with. Let them know about all the wonderful new period products out there. No more worrying about accidents in school or in public.  
When you talk to young girls about their periods you should remember that just talking about the symptoms of the different signs will not necessarily give them the answers that they need. You want them to feel like they are understood, and that they can feel like they are valuable, and that the problem is serious enough to be brought up.
If you want to be able to speak to young girls about menstruation, then you are going to have to be understanding, patient, and willing to listen. Even though you just want to tell your girl how much you love her, you will have to let her know what is to come. Explain how you deal with your symptoms on your cycle.
You want to be able to tell your young girl that having a period does not mean that she is going to be stuck at home for ever. You want her to know that there are things that she can do to help her get through her periods that are so hard and scary, and inconvenient.
Speak to your young girls about menstruation, even if you do know everything that they are going through you will definitely make her feel safer in knowing she can always count on you.