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Reusable Period Panties

Reusable Period Panties

Period panties are called by a few different names. Period undergarments, menstrual panties, reusable period pants and leak-proof panties. They work in similar ways to that of a pad, where nothing has to be inserted inside.

Reusable period panties are something most women can appreciate. The materials used to create these are clean and environmentally friendly. Using reusable period underwear is a great way to reduce the environmental impact from paper products. This helps keep landfills from filling with plastic bags and containers, which is most common with the increased use of paper products. 

Period panties are produced using materials that are renewable or have a very long life span. Some products that make use of such items are linen, cotton, bamboo fibers, and hemp. Each of these types of fibers has its own properties and uses. They have different cleaning methods and are typically made with water-based solutions.

Cotton, bamboo and linen are all natural, renewable resources that have been used for thousands of years. These materials are known to absorb and retain their original color after they have been washed. Other types of fibers have a shorter life span than cotton and other natural fibers.

Reusable period panties can be washed in the machine, like any other laundry items. However, the user needs to take special care when putting them inside. This is because the panties can be damaged by using the wrong chemical or detergent. Some people even choose to hand wash the items instead of throwing them in the wash.

Another method that can be used to maintain these items is to hang them out to dry after each use. Once they have been hung out, the items can then be folded and placed into storage.

Many women find that using reusable period panties and menstrual products are both environmentally friendly and convenient. These products are made with the same great quality, but with the benefit of saving the planet.

Our period panties are made of cotton, bamboo and other absorbent materials to provide a clean and fresh feel to them. These liners will last for several years if used regularly and washed appropriately. Our Period Panties consist of a multi-layer moisture absorbent technology that allows you to move freely and comfortably without any leakage or any discomfort. With an extra wide inner absorbent lining which stretches from the back to the front.

Here’s a breakdown of each layer:

1. The top layer quickly absorbs the fluid, so you stay dry and fresh.
2. The middle layer safely locks the fluid away.
3. The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection. Super secure with minimal chance of leaks.  


One of the main reasons to start using reusable panties is the fact that conventional tampons have awful ingredients in them, and you do not want any of this in your body. Let’s just say, when it comes to organic cotton pads and tampons, we’ve come a long way.

We are passionate about reducing waste and harmful chemicals in landfills, oceans, and waterways. Our period panties are Eco-friendly and reusable saving you hundreds on disposable period products.

I know most women think this is crazy, but they really work for me!