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Signs Your First Period Is Coming

Signs Your First Period Is Coming

“Menarche” is what you call a girl’s very first period pronunciation [MEN-ar-kee]. It sounds like anarchy which is perfect for how your body feels when your about to enter your first menstrual cycle. Your young body is being overwhelmed by hormones which are about to take charge of you and drastically changing the way you feel.

Women react to these symptoms in a variety of different ways including fear, anger, depression and even excitement! Even though this can be intimidating, a lot of young ladies can feel a bit left out because all their friends have already started their periods and they have not. Don’t worry about it! These things take a little time and it will happen when your body is ready.

Trying to predict the start of your menstrual cycle isn’t an exact science, however it’s a good idea to be prepared both physically and mentally. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard and leak through your white pants. Period panties are a great solution to this problem because you don’t need to wear a tampon and they feel just like regular panties. Once you get used to reading certain signs your body gives you, you’ll know exactly when Aunt Flo is coming to visit!

The following are 5 indicators to help you determine if you’re around the corner from getting your first period…


1- How Old You Are

One would think that the age of a young woman would be the strongest determining factor in finding out when you’ll get your first period. Guess again… it’s not so much about you age as it is about hitting puberty. Generally speaking, girls hit puberty around eleven or twelve but the reality is can happen anywhere between the ages of 8 through 14. Puberty is when your body begins the transformation from child to adult.

You will start to develop breasts and body hair and you’ll probably hit a growth spurt. This is the reason you’ll probably be taller than most boys your age. Unfortunately, this can also be accompanied by acne and radical mood swings that can make you feel happy, sad and angry all at the same time. It’s definitely one of the cons about being a teenager, but on the bright side you’re becoming a woman!

Once you begin noticing these changes, you are probably about a year away from getting your first period. For most young ladies it happens around the age of 12 but it can range from 9 all the way to 15 for some girls and it’s totally normal!

You can also ask your mom when she got her first period to try and predict when you’ll get yours. It’s been proven that genetics can play a large role in how you develop. For example, if your mom got her first period at 14 and you’re 11 right now, then you can probably expect to wait another 2 or 3 years before you get yours.


2- Time For A Bra!

Probably one of the biggest indicators that you are getting your first period is that you’re starting to grow boobs! This doesn’t mean that the bigger your boobs get, the faster you’ll get your period. However, breast development is one of the very first signs of puberty!                                                                    When you feel your boobs becoming tender and more raised, it means they’re starting to develop! Although they can get a little sore, it’s a strong sign that your first period is on it’s way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Quick Tip: It’s a good idea to keep a journal so you can keep track of all the changes that are happening to your body. Take measurements of your height, chest and hips and make sure to write down the dates. 

3- Pubic Hair

Pubic hair, aka pubes, aka short and curlies usually arrive soon after your boobs start to develop. First, you will notice some soft fluffy hair that begins to happen around your vulva and pubic bone. Over time it will get darker and courser.

Once your pubic hair starts to grow, you are probably about a year or so away from having your first period. Although this isn’t a very exact measurement, you can rest assured that you’re getting closer every day!



4- Vaginal Discharge

Although you may think that vaginal discharge isn’t something to get excited about, totally you’re wrong! Allow me to explain… vaginal discharge is typically a white-ish to clear sticky liquid which comes from a woman’s vagina.

It’s usually caused by your changing hormones and it is just your vagina’s way to keep itself moisturized and clean so the good bacteria will grow, and you can stay healthy. A woman’s vagina is great at taking care of itself [to an extent]. So welcome your vaginal discharge with a big hello because it means your period is only about 6 months away!


5- Emotional and Moody   

You’ve probably already heard about this one: premenstrual syndrome aka PMS. Generally you should experience PMS about a week before your period starts. Trying to recognize the symptoms of PMS can get tricky; some women understand it instantly and others completely don’t get it at all.

Some symptoms of PMS can include: bloating, tender boobs, acne, tiredness, weird food cravings, upset stomach and of course mood swings. Even women who have been getting PMS for years sometimes fail to see the connection between PMS and why they broke down crying over a puppy video they saw a week ago. Hormones tend to catch you by surprise, so don’t sweat it if you don’t recognize these symptoms right away.

Although mood swings are a determining factor that your first period is on it’s way, they will happen all throughout puberty so it can be hard to tell if it’s your period knocking or just another day in your teenage life!

I know as a teenager it can be hard, but try not compare yourself to your girlfriends... believe me I've been there! Your first period will come when YOUR BODY is ready. That being said, if you turn sixteen and still haven’t gotten your first period, go speak to a gynecologist so they can run some tests and give you some answers.

I suggest that you prepare yourself way ahead of time. If you want your first period to go smoothly, carry a spare set of undies or better yet just wear a pair of period panties. I began using period panties instead of disposable tampons about 4 years ago and never used a tampon again.

As I mentioned, period panties are my choice for going through my period but there are other healthy options available. Another option is using a menstrual cup which you can use from your very first period. Also, you can try using organic cotton pads. The best part is that all of the products that I just mentioned are eco-friendly, reusable and do not contain any toxins or harsh chemicals as opposed to disposable tampons and pads which are loaded with chemicals. Our 1st Period Starter Kit is a great way to try out all 3 of these products to see which one works best for you

So there you have it girls! The best ways to see how far off your first period is. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me at support@moontimestore.com I'd love to help!


Thanks for reading!

Sophie Monroe

Moon Time Store