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The Top Reasons to Replace Pads With Period Panties

The Top Reasons to Replace Pads With Period Panties

As we reach the age of transitioning from child to adult, we arrive at menarche, or the day our bodies begin to menstruate. Our mothers have most likely told us what to expect as has the health teacher at school. But the first time you see that scarlet patch in your underwear (and hopefully not your jeans) can be a bit startling. It can also be liberating. The beginning of menstruation means the first milestone of adulthood has arrived. It’s a bit unnerving but exciting, too.

Once this happens we need to take action. No one wants to run around with scarlet stains in their underwear for 5-8 days. So we are offered the choice of pads or tampons. Neither of these is optimal for modern life.

Pads can feel like a diaper, even the ones with wings that promise no more stains. Our grandmothers had to attach bulky cotton pads with elastic straps that although functioned like a garter belt had absolutely none of the sex appeal.

Then along came tampons which were forbidden to some because it was rumored they “took” your virginity. Yes, they actually believed this in the dark ages of the 60s. Practicality won out, though, and tampons became the go-to solution for women who wanted to forget they even had a period while it was happening.

And tampons did serve that purpose to a certain extent. You could engage in sports, swimming, ballet, and other favorite activities where your body was largely exposed without having telltale stains in your nether regions.

But then came TSS or toxic shock syndrome which caused people to look for new alternatives to tampons. TSS caused the bacteria on the tampon to turn against you while inside your body and wreak havoc. It even caused deaths which is quite a good reason for innovations.

Another good reason for better ideas was all the waste product pads and tampons produced. It begins with feminine product manufacturers belching pollution into the sky, continues with packaging waste, and finally ends with the used product (yuck) ending up in landfills.

So many looked to the past for ideas of how to handle periods in the future that were more natural while having modern convenience. One of these answers and perhaps the best answer is period panties or period underwear.

What Is Period Underwear?

Period panties are just that; panties you wear while you’re on your period that replace pads and tampons. It involves the practice of free-bleeding which is what ancient women used to do. Once you get used to the feeling and know you’re protected by your period panties which are uniquely designed to catch and trap your flow, you’ll feel freer than ever.

Period panties are constructed with a piece of special fabric in the crotch that spans from your pubic area to your rectum. It is designed to act like the thinnest pads that can catch and hold more liquid than you imagine possible. The thin material also allows for more comfort and mobility. Something your grandmother would have given her eye teeth to have.

Why Should I Switch from Pads to Period Panties?

There are many reasons why period panties are far superior to pads or tampons:

  •       They can hold up to 3 tampons worth of menstrual flow
  •       ‘They can be used together with a menstrual cup on your heaviest days
  •       They can be used at the start/end of your period when the flow is light
  •       They are comfortable and easy to toss in your purse or travel with
  •       They are washable
  •       They are reusable
  •       They are more economical
  •       They are kinder to the planet

Are you beginning to see why thousands of people are choosing period underwear over pads and tampons? Let’s explore these reasons in further detail.

Use Period Panties as Extra Security

Everyone has heavier days and lighter days. When you suspect a day will bring on a heavier flow, wear period panties not only as a backup but also as an alternative to super tampons or thick pads. If you don’t feel secure enough with period panties alone, pair them with a reusable menstrual cup.

A Planet-Friendly Alternative

Rather than feeling guilty that thousands of your used pads and tampons are clogging up landfills, you can sleep well knowing you are doing your part to keep trash from city dumps and oceans, as well as reducing the need for factories choking birds with pollution.

Handy on Oops Days

Period panties are the ultimate answer to people who never know how heavy their flow will be from one day to the next. If you have an irregular period, wearing period panties will save you from any possible mishaps.

Kinder to Your V

Everyone has experienced the irritation and occasional urinary tract infections that come from using pads and tampons. Wearing period panties reduces the chances of both.

Saves You Cash

Period panties last for years. This means you don’t have the monthly expense of pads or tampons. Simply wash your period underwear and use them again next month.

They feel So Much Nicer

Comfort is the name of the game when you’re dealing with menstruation and trying to live your life in spite of it. Wearing a garment that is the same as your everyday underwear means you’ll feel just as comfortable as you would any other day.

Worry-Free Period Sleep

If you have days with a heavier flow or have it at night, wearing period underwear ensures you won’t wake up with a mess between your legs. And it reduces the risk of TSS which increases the longer you leave a tampon inside your body creating bacteria.

Less Period Smell

We’ve all been there. You go to the bathroom, take down your pants, and the metallic odor of blood hits you square in the face. Period panties take care of this by trapping the flow away from your body so it dries quickly.

Ready to Ditch Pads & Tampons?

We don’t blame you. Now that you know all the advantages of period panties it’s time for more information and shopping. Click here to find out more about period underwear and to find the style that best fits your lifestyle.