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Top Period Hacks 2020

Top Period Hacks 2020

Ahhh...the Joy of Menstruation! All you can do is think about how you are going to get through the next 5 to 7 days. I'm always looking for new ways to deal with the worst cycle symptoms from stomach aches to really bad cramps. We've already talked about pain remedies, physical activities and the importance of sleep. Yes, I said it Sleep! But now we are going to talk about  "period hacks” the strange, the weird and peculiar things women do to battle the period blues.

We’ve done some extensive research on the subject of period hacks by talking to dozens of women from teenagers to moms and even grandmas. We then compiled a list of the most popular period hacks so we can share them with you. Some of these period hacks may shock you or even make you laugh. All I can say is ... don't knock them until you've tried them 



  • Eat more seeds- I become anemic during my period so I need the extra Iron if not I feel tired all day. I learned that seeds are a great source of Iron. Especially pumpkin seeds. 

  • Keep track of your Period- I keep track of my periods so I am not surprised to receive a visit from Aunt Flow! I am usually off by day or two but at least I am prepared. 💪😉

  • Take supplements and vitamins- I've done a lot of research on different vitamins and B-12 works great for me. It replenishes your red blood cells and alleviates the pain. 

  • I use Essential Oils - I love to rub Clary sage oil on my tummy, perfect for cramps and it also helps alleviate stress. Another oil that works great for me is Eucalyptus.

  • Exercising and a lot of stretching- I like running, specially the day before. This usually avoids my mood swings the day of and makes me feel relaxed.

  • Getting a Massage - Massaging your abdomen for as little as 5 minutes a day will help relieve menstrual cramps. Massages encourage blood flow and feel great! 😊

  • I use Foot and Hand Warmers - My friend came up with this one, she uses hand and foot warmers the sticky ones and puts them inside her pants, she uses them as small heating pads all day.

  • I love my Heating pad- I work with an electric heating pad shoved down my pants all day. Keeps me calm and my mind off the pain. Applying heat gets the blood flowing.

  • I have a Period Emergency Kit- I keep all with my period items together. I have my menstrual cups and pads in my “ready bag”.  I like to be prepared since you can get your period at any time.

  • Drink Lots of Water! - I keep my re-usable water bottle filled up and drink as much water as possible. This helps with my bloating as well. 🥤

  • Sleeping- I like to lounge around in my period panties, just sleep and rest as much as possible. Not getting enough sleep makes my cycle worst. 

  • I love taking a Warm bath- I fill up my tub with very warm water, add Epsom Salts and Bubbles, light some candles and I am set for a while.