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What is the Proper Way to Wash Your Period Panties?

What is the Proper Way to Wash Your Period Panties?

“Washing regular panties that are stained is frustrating, and you want us to wash period panties?”

Hey, hear us out! We know it’s a pain to wash period stains out. But unlike your regular panties that require rigorous washing and scrubbing, especially if the period stain has been set, it’s nothing like that with period panties.

The difference is that regular panties aren’t meant to collect blood, but period panties are meant to collect blood.

This means that washing blood out of period panties won’t be a painstakingly long and tiring process. An entire day’s worth of blood can easily be washed away with water. It’s that simple and easy. After you learn the different methods of washing period panties, you’ll go like — “Where have they been all my life?!”

Method 1:  Rinse Period Panties Under Water

Step 1:  Rinse Your Period Panties As Soon as You Remove Them

When you take off your period panties, wash them under the skin immediately. Wash them until the water runs dry before you put them in the washing machine. You shouldn’t use any bleach or fabric softener because that will affect its absorbency. 

Step 2:  Pull Your Period Panties Inside Out

It is easier to wash your period panties if you pull them inside out. In doing so, the seat of the period panties where the blood is collected will face towards the running water from the tap.

Step 2:  Run Your Period Panties Under Cold Water

You need to rinse your period panties using cold water. When rinsing, focus on the part where most of the period blood is found. The water may run brown or pink. If you’re squeamish about washing this much blood out of your period panty, wear gloves while you do it. Remember, you need to continue washing it until the water runs clear.

Step 4:  Squeeze the Additional Water Out of the Period Panties

You shouldn’t twist or tear your period panties while squeezing out the water from them. Just gently crumple up your period panties and squeeze. You may see more blood run out of the period panties. Rinse them once more and continue squeezing them until the water runs completely clear.

Step 5:  Hang Your Period Panties Out to Dry

After you have washed your period panties, hang them somewhere to dry. If you want, you can wait to wash all your period panties together if you don’t want to wash them right away. However, it’s recommended that you wash your period panty when you remove them to change into a new pair.

Method 2:  Wash Your Period Panties in the Laundry Machine

Step 1:  Wash Your Period Panties After You Have Rinsed Them in the Washing Machine

Don’t throw your period panties in the washing machine without rinsing them in the sink under cold water first. Washing them beforehand in the skin will remove most of the blood from your period panty and reduce the risk of staining other clothes. If you don’t want the risk of your clothes getting spoiled or stained, you can wash your period panty separately. 

Step 2:  Place Your Period Panties in a Bag before You Put Them in the Washing Machine

This is an extra and optional measure you can take if you don’t want your other clothes to get stained  and to maintain the size and shape of your period panties when you wash them in your washing machine. If you don’t have a bag, you can put your period panties inside a pillow case, tying knots at the ends to prevent it from opening in the washing machine.

Step 3:  Put the Bag in the Washing Machine

You shouldn’t put your period panties with heavy and non-delicate clothes. You can put the bag or pillowcase, containing your period panties, in with delicate clothing, such as bras and lingerie. 

Step 4:  Add a Capful of Detergent Specially Created for Delicate Clothing

Don’t use any fabric softener or bleach to wash your period panties in the washing machine because it can damage their antimicrobial lining. Instead, use detergents specially formulated for delicate clothing. You can read the instructions on the detergent to determine the amount you should use to wash your period panties. 

Step 5:  Run a Cold Water Cycle on Your Washing Machine

When you’re washing your period panties, run a cold water cycle on your washing machine. If your washing machine has a hand wash or delicate clothing setting, use it. If not, running a cold water cycle will do just fine. Water that is warmer than 86 degrees Fahrenheit will damage your period panties.

Step 6:  Hang Your Period Panties Out to Dry Overnight

Don’t put your period panties in the dryer because heat can distort or damage your period panties. Instead, hand each pair of period panties on a drying rack or a clothesline and let them dry overnight. 

We Told You that Washing Your Period Panties is Easy

You need to wash them under the sink and then let the washing machine do the rest. If you don’t want to put them in the washing machine, just use the first method and hang them out to dry. You should always have a second pair of period panties ready to wear if you’re still on your period. 

Since your period blood won’t set, you can wash your period panties after a few days, given you give them a good rinse first and then put them aside as you wait until your period cycle gets over to wash them all together. 

Will You Be Bringing a Pair of Period Panties Home with You?

Have you been convinced, or you need more answers? If you, we’re here for you. You can reach out to us anytime you want. Because the first time you don on these period panties, we want you to feel confident. If you are fully committed to trying and wearing period panties, come check us out!