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What is the Science behind Period Panties?

What is the Science behind Period Panties?

Period panties are a simple way for women to escape leakage and prevent irritation and itching caused by pads and tampons. The latest entry into the world of periods, period panties still has a long way to go before they become everyone’s first choice. 

We know that most of you are still using traditional period products as you are not familiar with period panties. If you are curious to know more about period panties, specifically the science behind them, keep reading!

Your first question might be how period panties came about. In a nutshell, several incredible technologies were combined to create period underwear.

Period underwear is an impressive and innovative product that holds menstrual blood, is washable, wicks moisture, offers comfort, and is reusable. That’s right, there not exactly like your regular underwear. 

The use of state-of-the-art technology has made period underwear the “Queen of all reusable menstrual products”. If you’re not using period panties now, you may change your mind after reading this blog. Let’s delve deeper, going behind the fabric, to learn the science behind period panties.

Wick Away or Absorbent Technology

Wick away or absorbent technology absorbs period blood. It effectively eliminates leakage and incontinence during light and heavy flow days. It replaces pads and tampons and introduces women to free bleeding. 

The technology used to absorb blood and prevent leaks is special fabrics, layered on top of each other to provide around the clock protection to women during their periods. This allows period panties to hold up to 20ml of period blood, which equals to two disposable tampons. 

If you change your pads or tampons two times a day, period panties are perfect for you. With its leak-proof fabric that has the ability to hold a lot of blood allows you to participate in sports and even sleep at night without worrying about waking up to a stained bedsheet and clothes.

How many layers are period panties made of and what does each layer do?

Period panties are made of three layers. Each layer is made of microfiber polyester. All three layers work together to wick away moisture away from your body and absorb it into the fabric. The microfibers trap menstrual blood.

The trapped menstrual blood travels through a big network of very tiny filaments. The microfibers prevent the period blood from leaking, whereas with other fibers, it would be the opposite. The outer layer of period panties is made of lycra and nylon with a liquid finish to prevent odor. 

This way, period panties can hold a good amount of blood during the day without the need to change and wash them. You can wash them at night before sleeping and wear a fresh pair while the other one dries and vice versa. 

Even though the technology may be different for every period panty, but the purpose will be the same — to provide you with a better and improved alternative to traditional period products.

The Removal of the Plastic Polyurethane Lining

The removal of the plastic polyurethane lining is another advancement, which has been marked as the evolution of period panties. Most period panties feature a plastic polyurethane lining to prevent leaks. With plastic polyurethane layer out, a multi-layer moisture absorbent and breathable material were in. 

The materials used to create period panties without a plastic polyurethane layer always existed, but they had never been used to create underwear. Combining the different materials together made period panties leak-resistant without adding a plastic polyurethane lining.

However, not all period panties have incorporated this technology because it is patented. But even those that still have a plastic polyurethane lining, it doesn’t make them any less effective in providing you protection. 

Can Period Panties Become the New Generation’s Choice for Period Protection?

In the coming years, you can only hope for the technology used to create period panties to become even more advanced. Just as mothers gave their girls pads and tampons to use when they first got their periods, they may give them period panties for their cycles.

Right now, women are trying it out for themselves to see what all the hype about period underwear really is, with most of them making a switch to them. If you have yet to try period underwear, give it a try and you never know, you may end up liking them more than conventional period products.

Can Period Panties Save You Money?

Of course, they can. Even though the initial cost of buying period panties may be high, you’ll save money because you don’t have to buy them several times each month. You can use them for several years without buying a new pair. Just wash and reuse! Yes, it’s that easy and convenient. 

Period Panties Are an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Do you want to give back to the environment? With period panties, you can. Pads and tampons fill up landfills and release toxins into the environment. Period panties do none of that because they’re made from organic material.

You can reuse them several times before you need to throw them away. Even after discarding them for a new pair of period panties, your conscious will be clear because they’re not harming the environment in any way.

Will You Give Period Panties a Choice?

Now that you know the science behind period panties, give them a chance to impress you. You don’t have to buy three pairs of period panties at the start if you’re new to them, but you can start with one. If you like them, you can buy another pair. Once you get used to them, you should have at least two to three pairs of period panties. 

If you aren’t ready to give up on tampons and pads but need additional security against leaks, wear period panties. Since periods have a bad habit of showing up unexpectedly, you can wear a period panty if you feel your uninvited guest may show up at any time. 

Do you have any questions for us? Have any concerns you would like us to address about period panties or other reusable menstrual products? Send us a message. Be sure to check out our period panties.