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Why Yes, Period Panties Can Effectively Replace Pads

Why Yes, Period Panties Can Effectively Replace Pads

Imagine your great-grandmother and all the amazing women of her era struggling with uncomfortable cotton belts with hooks to hold the most outrageously ridiculous cotton “saddles” during their menstrual cycles. Now imagine trying to find clothing that will hide this unwieldy monstrosity. Yeah, it wasn’t easy. Most of them found a giant girdle and used it as a sort of curtain concealing the entire nightmare scenario.

But hey, luck blessed your mother, right? By her time tampons had been invented, although at the time some women were not permitted to use them unless they were married because of some silly rumor about tampons taking their virginity. But still, they were available.

Then more innovations arrived on the marketplace. Ultra-thin maxi pads with wings were introduced. The wings prevented them from sliding completely out of your underwear while playing field hockey. They were heralded as a triumph. But none of these products were a triumph for the environment. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Discarded tampons and pads litter every trash heap around the world and eventually end up horrifying fish in the oceans.

Lucky You – You Have Real Choices

Sometimes, going back to basics can be the best solution. Ancient and native women used to retreat to private areas to free bleed in peace. They didn’t have to worry about a major presentation at the office and should they risk wearing that amazing white suit. They didn’t have to compete in the Olympics during their periods. They just sat in their quiet place free bleeding with no hassles.

New solutions for modern women have provided a way for us to have the freedom to let our bodies behave naturally while we smash corporate ceilings. One of the most popular of these modern solutions is period panties.

WTH are Period Panties?

We’re not talking about the panties you wear every time you have your period that already have stains in them. Pretty much every woman on the planet has a collection of sullied warrior panties that did not make it through an entire cycle unscathed by leaky tampons. No, we’re talking about something that turns that event on its head.

Period panties are made precisely to be bled on. That’s right. Someone finally figured out that free bleeding is the most natural state for a woman to be in during her cycle but also realized she has places to be and stuff to do while she bleeds. That’s where period panties come in. They are panties designed to catch your blood instead of a pad or a tampon.

How Do Period Panties Work?

On the first day of your menstrual cycle, you put on a pair of period panties instead of your regular underwear. They won’t feel any different from normal panties but they hold a secret. The crotch area is lined with special material designed to capture your flow and hold it. Forget pads or tampons. You won’t need them.

Period panties are manufactured with a minimum of 3 layers of absorbent fabric in the crotch area covering the entire area where blood will flow and spread. That is to say, from your front pubic area to your buttocks. The special fabric traps the flow and prevents leaking or staining.

There are many versions available to suit every body type, from quite skimpy to brief to shorts. They are super thin and won’t give the game away like bulky feminine products usually do.

Can Period Panties Really Replace Pads & Tampons?

The short answer is yes, they absolutely can. Period panties are specifically engineered to replace pads and tampons. For the majority of people on their period, one or two panty changes per day will do the trick.

If you have a very light flow, you may not need to change your period panties until you go to bed, just like a normal day wearing a pair of panties. But if you have a heavier flow, you’ll probably have to change them every 8 hours. If you have an extremely heavy flow, you may have to wear a menstrual cup in tandem with your period panties.

Some people who have a lighter flow during the day or during the first few days but heavier flow at night or toward the end of their cycle may want to have a menstrual cup handy to supplement on those occasions.

Why Are Period Panties So Popular?

There are a ton of advantages with period panties. Take free bleeding, for example. Once you get used to the sensation you’ll prefer it. When you wear period panties knowing you won’t leak it gives you a feeling of complete freedom. It feels natural.

If you get your period suddenly and without warning, you won’t have to worry. Just wear period panties daily starting a few days before you expect your cycle and you won’t have to panic.

Then there’s all the money you save not buying tampons and pads, as well as the money you save not ruining that new outfit you just bought when your flow is heavier than normal.

Then there’s the huge advantage for Mother Earth. Just think how many animals we’ll save by not having millions of tampons and pads cluttering their habitats.

In Conclusion, Buy Some Period Panties

These marvelously practical panties are the kind of thing your great-grandmother could only dream about and you have access to them. In the future who knows what miracle solutions they’ll come up with: a tap device for turning your flow on or off, micro-Roombas that vacuum up your flow as it lands in your underwear?

We don’t know. All we know is the best modern solution for handling your period like a pro is a magnificent innovation called period panties. They give you total control over your flow while you go on about taking over the world.

Somewhere, your great-grandmother is smiling.

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