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Common Questions About Menstrual Cups

Common Questions About Menstrual Cups

You’re curious about menstrual cups. You see women on the internet swear by menstrual cups. Their rave reviews about them have certainly upped your curiosity. Even though you want to try them out, you have a gazillion questions about them.

It’s not like you want to jump on the bandwagon or sound cool, telling your friends, “Pads? Tampons? What are those? I only use menstrual cups?” Trust us, hardly anyone uses menstrual cups to show off. The only reason most women even consider using a menstrual cup is the ease it provides them.

They make dealing with periods easy because there’s no struggle with uncomfortable pads and tampons. No leakage. Just comfort all day long! If you desire the same comfort, menstrual cups can make it happen! But we don’t want you to go in blindly and without any knowledge. We have compiled the most common questions about menstrual cups to make your choice easier:

1.     How Do Menstrual Cups Work?

The feminine hygiene product is made from silicone or latex rubber. Silicone-made menstrual cups are better than the latex rubber ones. You insert the cup into your vagina. It catches and collects period blood for a maximum of 12 hours, depending on your menstrual flow.

If your flow is heavy, you may have to change it after every 8 hours. Just take it out, rinse, and insert it again. To use it safely and feel comfortable wearing it, it’s important to learn the correct method of inserting it. Practice makes perfect.

2.     How Effective Are Menstrual Cups?

The cup collects not absorbs period blood. Whether you have a light or heavy menstrual flow, they’re an ideal option. You can wear it for a long duration without feeling uneasy. A menstrual cup can hold 10 to 38 ml of period blood.

3.     Are Menstrual Cups Better than Tampons and Pads?

Yes, menstrual cups are ten times better than tampons and pads. When you use a cup for the first time, you will feel liberated. Tampons and pads make their presence known, whereas a cup doesn’t. With a cup, you may even forget that you’re on your periods.

4.     What Should You Consider When Choosing a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups are available in various sizes. You can buy a large or small cup. The small cup is better for women with light to moderate period flow and younger women, including women who haven’t had intercourse.

A large cup is better for women with normal or heavy period flow or women who have given vaginal birth or who have already had intercourse. You can check the cup length, stem length, total length, diameter, rim capacity, and holes capacity for both small and large menstrual cups.

5.     How to Begin Using a Menstrual Cup?

You don’t need to specially prepare yourself to begin using a cup. Just select the correct size and learn how to insert and remove it and care for it. If you don’t have any medical conditions such as a urinary tract infection, uterine retroversion, an intrauterine device, a scarred or short cervix, or postpartum scars, you can use the cup. You can begin using the cup when you have your first period.

6.     Can You Use a Menstrual Cup If You Are a Virgin?

Yes, a menstrual cup is perfectly safe to use for women who are virgins. You can opt for a small sized menstrual cup. Inserting a cup will not harm your hymen.

7.     What is the Proper Method to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

Follow these directions to insert a menstrual cup:

  • Wash your hands
  • Fold and hold the menstrual cup (C-fold)
  • Insert the folded menstrual cup into your vagina, tilting it backward to your spine
  • Use it up to 8 to 12 hours, depending on your menstrual flow
  • Remove the menstrual cup, empty it, rinse, and clean
  • Re-insert the menstrual cup into your vagina

8.     What is the Proper Method to Remove a Menstrual Cup?

When you need to remove the menstrual cup, don’t pull it. Use your pelvic floor muscles to push the cup out. Press on the cup’s base and place two fingers on both sides of the cup to remove it. If you follow the insertion and removal method of menstrual cup, you will not experience any pain or discomfort.

9.     How Often Should You Empty a Menstrual Cup?

Since you can wear a menstrual cup for 8 to 12 hours, you only need to empty it two times each day. If you think you need to empty more often, do it to maintain good hygiene and avoid leaks. Menstrual cups can hold a larger volume of period blood than tampons and pads.

10. Should You Boil a Menstrual Cup After Each Use?

You don’t have to boil your cup after each use. You should empty and rinse or clean it using a special napkin every 12 hours. After your period ends, you can boil your menstrual cup then. If you boil your cup after each use, it can damage the silicone.

11.  How Should You Rinse a Menstrual Cup While in a Public Place?

When you’re outdoors and need to clean your cup in a public restroom, wash your hands with soap, remove it, and empty the contents of the cup into the toilet. Wash your hands before going into the toilet. Wash the cup with water if you have a water bottle and if you didn’t bring a water bottle with you, use a sanitary napkin.

12. Will a Menstrual Cup Leak?

Yes, it can leak if you haven’t inserted it incorrectly. In some cases, it may leak if you fail to empty it as frequently as you need to or if your period flow is too heavy or you’re using the wrong size.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions about menstrual cups. If you still have more questions, shoot us a message. If we’ve answered all your concerns, order your menstrual cups from us today!