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Fast & Free Shipping To The USA! 3-5 day delivery! NO MINIMUM ORDER!

Our Charities

day for girls charity

We started Moon Time Store to create awareness about eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable period products. In addition to our efforts in reducing the amount of pollution created by disposable tampons and pads, we work together with local women's shelters and an amazing charity known as Days for Girls.

This  is a non profit organization that works tirelessly to help end "Period Poverty". This is a world wide issue for women who can't afford the necessary hygiene items to manage their menstruation cycle.

Through global partnerships and outreach programs, Days for Girls is supporting education and access to reusable menstrual products for women in need around the world. This is why we are passionate about supporting Days for Girls. 

Believe it or not, some women and girls around the globe must resort to using, socks, rags, feathers and even leaves to help manage their menstruation. Days for Girls is educating and providing these women with access to safe, eco-friendly, reusable period products they can count on month after month. 

How we help

Day for Girls- Moon Time Store donates 5% of all profits to Days for Girls to help fight period poverty worldwide. 

Local Women's Shelters in Orlando- For every $50 spent in our store, we donate a pair of our most popular period panties to local women's shelters in our hometown of Orlando FL.

Join The Fight to end "Period Poverty" 

If you're interested in donating to the cause, visit