Fast & Free Shipping To The USA! 3-5 day delivery!
Fast & Free Shipping To The USA! 3-5 day delivery!

About Us

Our company is on a mission to empower women all over the world through promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and offering high quality products that are making a difference in moving towards a zero waste environment on our beloved Planet Earth. 

As females, we know exactly what challenges women face when their Moon Time arrives. We also recognized a serious pollution problem caused by disposable period products like tampons and pads. When we discovered Eco friendly reusable period panties, we knew we had to spread the word!... and the Moon Time Store was born!

We now offer a selection of reusable eco-friendly products which include menstrual underwear, organic pads, and menstrual cups. All of our products are safe and free of harsh chemicals and harmful toxins. 

Our Eco-friendly reusable menstrual products help thousands of menstruating women across the globe! We are extremely proud to be part of the female community providing them a cost effective and healthier way to go through their period. 

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