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How Period Panties Could Literally Save Us All From Doom

How Period Panties Could Literally Save Us All From Doom

We all know we messed up. The planet is seriously nasty from all of our extravagances. Items like small plastics, electronic junk, and even soiled paper waste are choking Mother Earth and causing some very serious problems that will result in disaster sooner rather than later.

We can already see the effects. Groundwater contamination is commonplace. Deforestation is the result of too much product demand and not enough forest replenishment. And we’ve all seen the disgusting garbage islands floating around in the oceans, killing marine life who mistakenly think it’s food.

So how can we throw this car in reverse and begin fixing this stuff? Well, if you are a menstruating person there’s plenty you can do, starting with changing how you deal with your period.

The Menstrual Pad Apocalypse

During your lifetime you will spend between 35-38 years menstruating. To deal with your flow you will use around 17,000 pads or tampons which all end up in a garbage dump, and from there all too often in the oceans. This doesn’t include all those panty liners you deploy when you have mystery secretions, infections, or post-intercourse.

In this country alone, over 11 billion pads and 6 billion tampons are thrown away every single year. They clog drains, drift around the city dump, and make wildlife sick. And the plastic applicator tampons are even worse. The material takes decades to break down and that’s if some poor animal doesn’t die from eating it first.

Manufacturing all these products has also cost the planet dearly. Processing the raw paper materials used in production as well as the polyethylene for applicators uses a ton of energy and fossil fuels.

All these disposable menstrual products have been necessary evils until recently when someone got the brilliant idea for reusable products.

What Are Reusable Menstrual Products?

Products like period panties, reusable pads, and menstrual cups are a modern-day solution to an age-old problem. Well, if you really want to get into the details they are an age-old solution for a modern-day problem.

Women used to use natural things like leaves or straw for their periods. (And we’re not suggesting you go that far unless, hey, you want to. You do you.) A few centuries later they began using fabric to catch the flow and washing them after each period to reuse the following month.

Once paper and paper fiber manufacturing became the norm, menstrual pads and tampons appeared on the shelves, much to everyone’s relief.

But now that we are experiencing a 3-alarm emergency regarding the planet, people are reverting back to reusable products, taking advantage of modern materials. Non-toxic pliable rubber and super-absorbent fabrics are what make period panties, menstrual cups, and reusable pads real, workable solutions for us today.

Why Period Panties Can Change Everything

Consider this: there are millions of people around the world using disposable pads, tampons, and panty liners. That’s billions of menstrual products clogging the landscape and seas. And it never ends. Every year more people reach the age of menarche and begin using menstrual products. The only way to eliminate this junk from landfills is to switch to a more conscientious solution.

What Are the Reusable Menstrual Product Options?

Let’s break down the reusable menstrual product options in further detail:

  •       Period panties or period underwear. These amazing panties replace both pads and tampons. They’re able to do this due to their ingenious design. Sewn into the panty crotch area is a remarkable material that both draws menstrual flow away from your body and holds it there so you stay dry. They replace both pads and tampons. They are washable, reusable, and last a very long time. Simply carry a couple of extra pairs with you during your period and change them during the day as needed like you would any other product.
  •       Menstrual cups. Made from a soft, flexible material, these small cups are placed high up in the vagina to catch your flow at the mouth of the uterus. They are inserted like a tampon and have a small grip at the bottom for removal. When you need to empty the cup simply sit over the toilet, pull the cup out, empty it, and place it back in position. Menstrual cups can also be used in combination with period panties on those days your flow is heavier.
  •       Reusable pads. These are the modern upgrade to the fabric pads your great-great-grandmother used. Fashioned to be thin but super absorbent, reusable pads are worn just like the disposable kind, then simply laundered and used again. They can also replace panty liners and act as extra protection at night when your flow may be heavier.

Why Won’t More People Switch to Period Panties?

As you can imagine, there isn’t much profit in reusable products that last for years. The companies that sell pads and tampons have to keep selling you their disposable products to make money. Their marketing campaigns are aimed at keeping you as a customer and offering no other alternatives.

There also isn’t a big enough platform out there pushing good information about the harm disposables are causing and on what scale. Others simply aren’t aware of the reusable alternatives available to them or where to find them.

Buy Period Panties and Save Our Planet

Imagine fewer landfills, cleaner oceans, and healthier wildlife. Now imagine you can help make this happen. It’s a pretty good feeling, right?

Now imagine saving a ton of money not buying tampons that you can use to go shopping or rescue a cat.

Now imagine a happier vagina that isn’t being choked all day by paper products. This will also result in fewer UTIs and yeast infections because your vagina can breathe as it is meant to.

Got the picture? Good. Now get more information about reusable menstrual products like period panties, menstrual cups, and reusable pads here.

Your choice to switch can help not just yourself but all of us who live on our beautiful planet.