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How Period Panties Would Have Made Life Easier for Women throughout History?

How Period Panties Would Have Made Life Easier for Women throughout History?

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Imagine traveling back in time — decades back — to introduce women to period panties. Hey, introducing them to period panties back then would’ve also benefited the environment. That’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Bringing women’s period panties into the 1800s means there would not be such thing as pads or tampons. In other words, pads and tampons would have been non-existent; hence, no impact on the environment due to plastic-wrapped menstrual products.

But alas, that’s not the case and our women of history had to rely on pads and tampons during their periods. Let’s look back at history to see how women of that time dealt with periods.

Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Women

Egyptian women used mellowed papyrus for tampons. Greek women made their tampons from buildup wrapped around small pieces of wood. Roman women used tampons and pads made from soft wool or fleece.

Medieval European Women

Medieval European women, bent on decreasing their menstrual flow, burnt toads. Just as kissing a frog doesn’t turn it into a prince; burning toads didn’t lessen menstrual flow. We feel for the poor toads who were captured and burnt for no reason, but that’s the medieval times for you, folks.

If you think that’s not strange enough, they also kept ask or powder in their pockets or wore a pouch near their vagina. We think it’s safe to assume that lots of leaks happened.

Jewish Women in the B.C.

For Jewish women amid the B.C., when periods struck, they hid themselves in a room, hidden away until their cycle was over. No man would know that they were on their periods even though isolating themselves in a room was a big sign of a bleeding vagina.

If this isn’t absurd enough, everything women sat, slept on, or touched during their menstrual cycle was considered dirty and impure. Wait, it gets better…or worse! Women couldn’t even hand anything over to their husbands unless a rabbi re-honored the object.

In Jewish societies of that time, giving them the gift and convenience of a menstrual cup wouldn’t have made any difference, as what needed changing was their thinking.

German and English Women in the 1800s

Women in Germany and England in the 1800s wore pads made by hand, however, not all women wore them during that time. Pads were a luxury for the rich. Women belonging to the rural areas and a lower class had to free bleed into their clothes.

Even if we traveled back in time to introduce period panties to the women of that era, we bet the rich, upper class would make a claim on them quickly. If anyone does invent a time machine, we suggest distributing them for all…may be, free of cost because they’rereusable.

American Women in the 1900s

American women in the 1900s used pads made by hand during their periods. The handmade pads were made from retentive cotton used for diapers for children. Women placed these pads in their underwear or muslin belts. They could get sanitary aprons and bloomers through mail order.

How Did Disposable Pads and Kotex Come on the Market?

French female nurses and caretakers during World War II discovered the benefits of using cellulose wraps, which they used for injured soldiers. Cellulose wraps could absorb blood better than plain cotton. They began to use cellulose wraps during their periods. This led to disposable pads and Kotex making an appearance on the market.

What is a Modern Woman’s Solution to Periods?

Since then, pads and tampons have taken over the market with most women throughout the world using them. With periods panties and menstrual cups coming on the scene, pads and tampons will eventually take the backseat for good.

More women need to give reusable menstrual products a try before making a judgement about them. Once they start wearing period panties, they’ll realize what they had been missing out on all along. Period panties aren’t only making women’s lives easier, but they are also taking the pressure off the environment. Don’t riddle the environment with plastic-wrapped, used once menstrual products.

Period Panties — Your Modern Solution

Make period panties your modern solution for periods for the following reasons:

  • Replaces all your disposable menstrual products
  • Made from eco-friendly, reusable, and toxin- and chemical-free material
  • Pay once and use it several times
  • Ideal for light bladder leakage
  • Keeps you feeling dry during exercise and sports
  • Ideal for times you’re unsure when your periods will start
  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold up to 20 ml of period blood or two disposable tampons
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Offers maximum protection to your bedsheets and clothes
  • Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL, XLL, and XXXL)

The Future of Menstrual Products Looks Bright

No change happens overnight. It takes time. Period panties and menstrual cups are still making themselves known among women. The younger and up-and-coming generation may be more on board to use reusable menstrual products than the older generations because no one likes change.

Young women who have switched to using period panties or menstrual cups will introduce them to their children and their children will introduce it to theirs and it’ll continue from there. Gradually, finding out that someone uses period panties or menstrual cup will not sound new.

Even though most older women may be reluctant to make the switch to reusable menstrual products, there are still some who have made the switch and are not looking back. Regardless of your age, if you get periods each month, wear period panties to see and feel the difference between your usual menstrual products and these new age, reusable menstrual products.

If you’re ready to introduce period panties into your life, let us be the ones to introduce it to you. Check out our period panties and place your order. Get one pair of period panties or three pair of period panties in a variety of different sizes and wonderful colors.