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Investing in Period Panties Is Smart for Everyone. Here’s Why

Investing in Period Panties Is Smart for Everyone. Here’s Why

Even if you have heard of the latest solution for modern menstruating people; the period panty, you may not know that they aren’t just for periods anymore. They’re for everyone who wants a little extra hygiene security during the day.

While millions of people have caught on to the technological wonder of period underwear that frees you from tampon and pad bondage, many have not. But they should. There are countless advantages to wearing period panties every day.

Not only do they effectively replace tampons, pads, and panty liners, they also protect you from other mishaps. And being human beings, we all know that mishaps happen, usually when it’s least convenient.

What Are Period Panties?

Period underwear or period panties are the latest solution to handling period flow. You skip your tampons, pads, and liners, and if you have a light flow even your menstrual cup, and simply wear these brilliant panties to catch your flow.

They are constructed with an advanced, highly-absorbent material in the crotch that stretches from the pubic area to the rectum. The material is ultra-thin but at the same time able to absorb loads of liquid. The material traps your flow and holds it away from your body. This keeps you more comfortable and is actually healthier, as it allows airflow to the pubic region.

Why Are Period Panties So Popular?

If you never had to buy tampons or pads again, wouldn’t you be relieved? Well, that’s how period panty aficionados feel. They make an investment in period panties once every few years, instead of buying paper period products every month.

In addition to saving you time and hassle, they look and feel just like regular underwear. So forget about people even knowing you’re on your period at the gym. No one can tell the difference between period panties and regular panties.

They also help prevent UTIs and yeast infections, two of the things women dread most. With more airflow to the vagina, your vagina can breathe and has a better ability to clean itself, which it does naturally.

And last but not least, period panties are so much better for the environment, something we’re all concerned with these days. By ditching tampons and pads and switching to period panties, one woman can save tons of period garbage from ending up in landfills.

Why Should I Switch to Period Panties If I Don’t Menstruate?

Good question. Here are a few good answers:

  •       Menarche – When a girl enters puberty she feels and sees changes happening in her body. She develops breasts, her hips become larger, and hormones are going bonkers. Having passed science class she knows her period will be arriving soon. She just doesn’t know when. Wearing period panties throughout puberty will keep her prepared for the day her period actually arrives.
  •       Fluctuating Periods – If you’re one of the women whose period is wildly unpredictable, that can be stressful enough. You are forced to be prepared for blood at any moment. But instead of walking around with tampons or pads rolling around in your purse, why not just wear period panties every day? Not only will it save you the anxiety of wondering when your period will arrive, but it will also save you money.
  •       Heavy Flow Girls – This one is a no-brainer. No matter if you switch to period panties alone, it would be smart to use period underwear as an extra layer of protection when you have a heavy period. Although switching to just period panties alone is advised to save you the cramping from overfilled tampons, using them as backup is just a good idea.
  •       Post-Pregnancy – If you’re a mom, congratulations! We’re sure you’re enjoying the joys of motherhood, but as we all know some things happen to your body after birth that you have to deal with. These things can include blood, blood clots, and other material still working its way out of your body. And let’s not forget the temporary or permanent incontinence that comes with the stress of childbirth. Using period panties will not only allow you to get on with your busy mom life comfortably, but you’ll also know that you’re protected from whatever may happen down there when you’re not looking.
  •       Menopause – Women whose period life is drawing to a close can experience wildly erratic periods. Some months you have a light flow and some months a heavy one. When your period finally stops you can experience clotting or other discharge. Period panties can be an absolute savior in this situation, especially if you’re doing a presentation at a board meeting and Mother Nature decides to play one last joke.
  •       Incontinence – As we age the muscles in our bladders become weaker. You’d think that drinking all those bottles of water daily would have trained it to be stronger. But nature will have its way and aging just means weaker muscles in general. Your bladder is no exception. So when you’re out with the girls laughing at their jokes don’t be surprised if your bladder cries into your underwear a little. It happens to the best of us. The solution manufacturers give us is padded underwear which is neither chic nor comfortable. Our recommendation is pee-proof period underwear. It can handle anything your bladder can cry out.

Conclusion: Period panties can be effective to use for pubescents, fluctuating and heavy menstruaters, new moms, menopausals, and incontinents. It’s basically superhero underwear.

How Do I Choose Period Panties?

This is one of the most common questions and the answer is a simple one. Choose the type of underwear you feel most comfortable in. Period panties look and feel just like regular underwear and come in the same style: bikini, brief, and boy short. It is recommended to invest in 28-21 pairs when you first begin. You may find yourself changing them up to 3 times per day depending on the situation.

Period underwear lasts for a few years and with occasional use lasts even longer. They can be laundered along with your other clothing on a gentle cycle.

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