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Is There Some Amazing Benefit to Using Period Panties?

Is There Some Amazing Benefit to Using Period Panties?

When you consider the humble panty, you don’t really imagine that a simple switch to another kind could improve your entire life. After all, it’s not even a full yard of cotton fabric that covers a relatively small portion of your body. But hear me out, active bleeders. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Some genius decided to devise a planet-friendly alternative to all those pads and tampons, (no doubt after lamenting the millions of discarded products choking landfills and grossing out local wildlife.) This genius decided to put the absorbent part of the menstrual product inside the panty, cutting out the pad or tampon middleman.

What Are These Period Panties You Speak Of

Period panties or period underwear are the most viable alternative to using pads and tampons, and even menstrual cups if your flow is light. They are constructed the same way your regular panties are and available in the same variations of boy short, bikini, and brief.

You wear them instead of your regular underwear when you are expecting your period and when you’re on your period, or on days where you may be spotty. You can even use them instead of panty liners if you are treating a UTI or yeast infection. (In fact, wearing period panties will allow your vagina to breathe, which will help your body get rid of the infection faster.)

Period panties can also be worn if you have bladder leakage problems. As we age our pelvic muscles aren’t as Schwarzenegger as they are in our youth and sometimes when we laugh a little pee comes out. Period panties will ensure you stay dry through the chuckles.

Why They’re Effective

When you watch commercials for pads and tampons, there’s always one part where they pour water on the pad or dunk the tampon in a glass of liquid to show how much period flow it can keep out of your underwear. It’s the same magically-absorbent material they use in period panties. Modern technology has given us ultra-thin materials that can absorb many times their weight in liquid. This is how period panties allow you to ditch buying pads and tampons forever.

This absorbent material is sewn into the crotch area stretching from the pubic hair to the anus, catching your menstrual flow and holding it away from your body the same way a pad would. At the end of the day, you just switch out your period panties the same as you would your regular panties.

Other Benefits of Using Period Underwear

In addition to keeping millions of tons of used menstrual products out of landfills, period panties are also great because:

  • They’re more convenient. Grabbing a pair of period underwear instead of a regular pair requires no significant life change. Quite the contrary. You don’t have to remember to slap a pad into them.
  • They’re way more comfortable. No more riding the white pony or plugging up your natural flow. Using pads can frequently cause UTI situations and yeast infections. Using tampons can cause more intense cramping for some. Both of these problems are solved by switching to period panties.
  • They’re healthier. Free-bleeding is how ancient peoples endured their periods for thousands of years. Allowing the vagina to naturally clean itself is just better for your body. Why? Because it was designed to take care of business on its own. It doesn’t need any help from us.
  • They are reusable. Unlike pads and tampons that must be thrown away, often wrapped in wads of toilet paper to avoid embarrassment, period panties can be laundered and used again. This makes Mother Earth so very happy.
  • They’re cheaper in the long run. Once you invest in a set of period panties you won’t have to shell out for pads or tampons every month. And for those of you who go through a couple of packs each month, that savings can add up to a gorgeous new outfit or a concert.
  • They go better with your wardrobe. With no added bulk from pads, you can wear the tightest jeans, your favorite leggings, and that amazing club dress without worrying about any pad bulk showing.
  • It’s eco-conscious. We’re all trying to do our part to save the planet. Switching to period underwear will go a long way toward reaching our goals. Each menstruating person is responsible for tons of landfill waste by the time they reach menopause. Imagine how great it will feel to be one less contributor.

So, What’s the Downside?

The only thing some people might consider a downside is the free-bleeding. Free-bleeding is allowing the blood to flow out of your vagina uninhibited by a tampon. If you already use pads the transition will be easier. The blood flows into the specially-designed crotch area instead of onto a pad.

Free-bleeding will feel a bit strange in the beginning until you get used to it. But once you are, you won’t ever go back. And the side benefits of fewer UTIs and yeast infections will make you a true believer.

There may also be some that are squeamish about handling bloody underwear while sorting laundry. By having a special plastic laundry bag to store them in until laundry day, that problem becomes a small one.

Period Panties are the Future

With environmental problems making everyone pause and consider their actions, switching to period panties will no doubt be one thing millions of us can do to help bring solutions. And with the benefit of being more economical and comfortable, it won’t be a hard choice.

Period panties on the market now are just a few generations in. Imagine how much more beneficial and comfortable they will be with new material advancements. It’s clear period panties are the choice to make now, for everyone’s sake.

Find Out More About Period Underwear

To read more about period panties in general, try searching the internet for testimonials of current users. You can also read more by clicking here. If you’re ready to panty up ahead of your next period, click here to see some product choices. Welcome to the period panty movement!