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What Reusable Menstrual Product Can You Wear While Swimming?

What Reusable Menstrual Product Can You Wear While Swimming?

Do you love swimming but you’re on your period? Period and swimming is a likely combo of blood and water-soaked pad or tampon, making you conscious about leakage. You don’t want to rush out of the swimming pool or sit outside and watch others enjoy themselves. 

Even though you can swim with your tampon on, the risk of your menstrual bleeding will always be on your mind, thus preventing you from having fun in the swimming pool. Any water-related activity becomes off-limits for you when you’re on your period. Either you can sulk or do something about it so you can join others.

Why feel left out when there’s a menstrual product that you can wear while swimming?

Menstrual Cups — A Swimmer’s Best Friend

A menstrual cup or moon cup is a small, silicone cup that you wear inside your vagina to collect menstrual blood. Once you remove your moon cup, you will need to drain the blood into the toilet, clean it in the skin, and reinsert it into your vagina. You can wear them for up to 12 hours.

Before you jump into the water, empty your menstrual cup. You should also try wearing a moon cup for a few weeks before going swimming because you will need to get used to wearing it. Put your menstrual cup through a test first. 

If it fills up with water after you have taken a bath or you experience any kind of leakage while wearing it, you will need to replace your menstrual cup with another one. However, this is unlikely to happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why Should You Empty Your Menstrual Cup before Hitting the Water?

You will need to empty your menstrual cup before swimming to prevent overflowing. When you hit the water, you’ll be wearing a clean and empty menstrual cup. 

Is Wearing a Menstrual Cup or a Tampon better?

Even though you can wear a tampon to swim on your period, you’ll find that menstrual cups are a much safer and effective choice. With a tampon, you always run the risk of it absorbing water as well as the fear of finding your blood or worse, your tampon running down your leg when you step out of the water.

A menstrual cup will stay in place and contain your period place. You’ll also not have to worry about any string or feeling it pull out of your vagina if it’s tucked incorrectly. Additionally, moon cups keep vaginal infections at bay.

Menstrual Cups Guard Your Vagina from Infections

Menstrual cups reduce the chance of you developing vaginal infections. Tampons can absorb dirty and chemically treated water and enter the vaginal canal, resulting in vaginal infections. A menstrual cup blocks water from entering your vaginal canal. This reduces the chance of bacteria entering your vagina canal and causing an infection. 

Should You Even Swim on Your Period?

We’ve all heard other women say that it’s unhygienic to swim on your period, but is there any truth to this saying? No, not at all! If you’re wearing a moon cup, it’s highly unlikely for your period blood to contaminate the water.

Most women lose between 4 and 12 teaspoons of blood during their entire period cycle and you’ll be in the water for 2 to 3 hours at max. There’s a higher risk of your period blood leaking into the water if you wear a tampon than a menstrual cup. 

Also, swimming pools and the ocean water dilutes any period blood that leaks with the pool containing chlorine to prevent any disease from spreading. Even then, you don’t want your period blood leaking into the water and wearing a moon cup gives you more security that it won’t.

What If I Am Having Period Cramps? Should I Still Swim?

Yes, go for it! Going swimming on your period cramps is actually preferred because it reduces period cramps. When you swim in the water, you’re giving your body a workout and it causes your body to release endorphins. Endorphins function as natural painkillers and reduce your period cramps. 

What About Period Panties?

Period panties are great because they promote free bleeding, but they aren’t made for swimming. Even though period panties are made from state-of-the-art technology, swimming is one activity that you can’t do with them on.

If you plunge into the water wearing period panties, they’ll fill up with water immediately, filling up to 1/4. That’s four tampons worth of water. This means that there won’t be any space for your period blood, and it may result in a leak. 

If you like period panties, you can wear them when you’re not in the water and switch to a moon cup when you’re in the water. You can even wear a menstrual cup and period panties together for added protection if you want.

Wear a Menstrual Cup and Jump into the Water — No Spills, No Regrets

Nothing stands between you and the water. Not even your period! You should wear a menstrual cup and jump into the water with zero fear of period blood leaking. You should practice inserting a menstrual cup a few times before you go swimming. 

With a menstrual cup, you’ll never have to sit on the sidelines again. You can have a blast in the water without your family and friends without being worried or conscious. Give a moon cup a try and go swimming! Even with your periods, you’ll always be saying “Yes” to a pool party. 

No more missed pool parties and water activities with a menstrual cup safeguarding you from any potential embarrassment you may experience if your period blood leaks and runs down your legs. You can swim with confidence because your menstrual blood will remain where it should be — in the moon cup. 

Do you have any questions or concerns about menstrual cups or any other reusable menstrual products? Reach out to us! Look through our collection of menstrual cups to select your perfect swimming partner.