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Why Period Panties Are a Miracle for You and the Planet

Why Period Panties Are a Miracle for You and the Planet

Women all over the world are turning their backs on traditional menstrual products and eagerly embracing not only free-bleeding but period panties and menstrual cups. It isn’t inexplicable; it’s actually a sign of the times. More and more people are switching to products that are reusable and produce no waste as a nod to environmental responsibility. But they are finding that these new period products have loads of side benefits for themselves as well.

Taking the leap into free-bleeding stems mainly from a greater generational awareness of not only environmental concerns but also a simpler way of doing things. The younger generations are heartily embracing less packaging and less complicated methods of dealing with menstrual cycles.

Historical Context

Once people learn that earlier ways of dealing with periods actually make sense in modern life, there is only a small leap of faith to adopt it. Ancient women free-bled onto women mats in a designated private spot reserved for them. Others wore absorbent grasses. Later women would use swaths of fabric that were washed and reused.

None of these methods produced waste that took decades to deteriorate nor did they involve mass-produced plastics that harm the planet. Modern products were designed to mimic these simple solutions with advanced materials adding efficiency and convenience.

Environmental Awareness & Ingenuity

The global period products market is a billion-dollar, industry resulting in billions of used menstrual products polluting landfills. Younger product designers saw a new generation of menstruating people wanting to be kinder to the planet in every way, including how they manage their periods.

This is where products like reusable pads and tampons came from. But some found them just as bulky and awkward in use as their paper counterparts. This led to the creation of menstrual cups and period panties which were eagerly embraced.

What are Period Panties?

Period panties are basically underwear with super-absorbent ability that are worn during your period instead of traditional pads or tampons. They are manufactured with an advanced material in the crotch stretching from the pubic area to the rectum. This thin, soft material absorbs and holds an amazing amount of liquid making it a perfect replacement for bulky pads.

Period panties are designed to look exactly like your regular underwear and even come in the same styles like bikini, brief, and boy short. They are soft, washable, reusable, and long-lasting just like the underwear you wear now. Judging by their appearance no one would ever know you are on your period when you wear them.

What are Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual cups are just that, a small silicone cup that is pliable. It is inserted into the vagina just like a tampon and catches the menstrual flow. You can remove it, empty it, and re-insert it. This makes it a money-saving convenience for you and a boon for the planet as well, as it keeps millions of tampons out of landfills.

Menstrual cups are often worn in tandem with period panties for people with heavier than normal flow, or as extra insurance at night.

How Period Panties & Menstrual Cups Help the Environment

During their lifetimes, menstruating people use billions of pads and tampons. These all end up in landfills and sadly the oceans. It amounts to millions of tons of garbage that could easily be avoided by switching to more planet-friendly options. Period panties and menstrual cups are those better options. By keeping these used products out of landfills and oceans, you are also helping to save wildlife that are harmed by these products.

The planet also benefits from less manufacturing pollution when you choose period panties. You reuse them every month, which lowers the manufacturing demand for mass-produced pads and tampons. Fewer paper products are needed which means fewer trees are cut down. It all adds up to a kinder way to get through your period. Knowing you are being kinder to the environment helps you feel good about your efforts.

Other Benefits of Period Panties

If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections from tampon use, period panties can help resolve this issue. By allowing blood to flow freely and air to access your vagina, your body can breathe naturally. You are allowing the vagina to cleanse itself, which it is designed to do.

Period panties can also alleviate the cramping that often results from tampons that become too full, pushing against the vagina walls. During your period your uterus and vagina are working to push the blood from your body and tampons are essentially a speed bump in this process. This can lead to painful cramping that disappears when you switch to period panties or menstrual cups.

Period Panties: A Conscientious Choice

By embracing modern solutions that mimic more natural ways of handling periods, you are benefitting not only yourself but the entire planet. Switching to period panties and/or menstrual cups keeps tons of garbage from existing. It’s also physically better for you and could result in better health overall.

Taking a leap of faith for the environment and yourself costs very little compared to what you currently spend on pads and tampons. By investing in 18-20 pairs of washable, reusable period panties you will save big money in the long run. Most people only need 2 or 3 pairs per day for the duration of their period. Those with a heavier flow may wish to pair them with a menstrual cup for added peace of mind.

Learn More About Period Panties & Menstrual Cup Options

Taking the time to research on your own can resolve any final reservations you have about making the switch. Be sure to check out period panty blogs and bloggers, as well as various product sites to see different styles that are available. You will soon be able to determine which style fits your lifestyle best.

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