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Why Wearing Period Panties Feels Like a Total Win

Why Wearing Period Panties Feels Like a Total Win

Many who have taken the leap to period panties love to talk about what a great decision it was. They talk about how sustainable they are; how much money they’re saving not buying pads anymore, and how comfortable they are. But until you try them for yourself it’s all just hot air, right? That is, until you brave free-bleeding into some underwear that you’re going to trust to catch your flow, those period underwear aficionados are either wackos or Einsteins. But which is it? There’s only one way to find out:

by wearing period panties yourself and feeling the same win they are.

But Aren’t Period Panties Yucky to Wear?

This is probably the first knee-jerk reaction the average person will have when they think about ditching pads and tampons in favor of free bleeding. Free-bleeding is completely natural. It’s shoving a wad of paper into your V that isn’t natural.

Admittedly, free-bleeding will feel odd at first until you get over the shock of not having your security blanket there to catch the flow. But if you’re wearing period panties, technology has replaced those outdated paper products.

Period panties have an advanced material sewn into the crotch that is super-thin and super-absorbent at the same time. That’s the whole trick to these amazing new underwear. The absorbency begins at the pubic area and ends at the rectum, so the entire “wet zone” is secured.

This material pulls the moisture away from your body and keeps it locked inside the material, something tampons and pads promise but often fail to do. The space-age material also prevents leaks and stains. Wear them with your best outfit or your whitest jeans and never worry about leaks again.

But Are Period Panties Comfortable?

With several layers of super-absorbent material sewn into the crotch, many think period panties would be irritating or uncomfortable to wear. Nope. They feel just like your regular underwear. In fact, they are probably a lot more comfortable than riding a white pad pony.

While the crotch of a period panty has technological features, the rest of the panty is made from the same smooth fabrics your regular underwear is made of.

Do Period Panties Look Weird?

No, period underwear looks exactly like regular underwear. You can buy them in the same styles as your other panties too; like bikini, brief, and boy-short. If you’re wearing them while trying on clothes and someone in the dressing room sees you, they would never be able to tell you’re wearing period panties.

Can Period Panties Really Handle Heavy Flow?

Along with being available in various styles, period panties are also available in various strengths, so to speak. You can buy them the same way you buy pads or tampons, with light to medium, to heavy flow options.

The heavy flow version will simply have extra layers of the super-absorbent material sewn into the crotch. But the material is so thin you’ll never even know it’s there.

These heavy flow panties are perfect for wearing on days you expect a heavier flow. They’re also a good idea to wear at night or on days you want extra protection. Many period panty fans wear the heavy flow version for events like track meets, road trips, or concerts. This way they won’t have to miss a thing, whereas if they didn’t have this added protection they’d be running to the ladies' room more often than they’d like.

Are Period Panties Hygienic?

Yes, in fact wearing period panties may result in fewer UTIs and yeast infections. Pads and tampons hold the blood either inside your body or against your skin until you change them, while period panties pull the flow away from your skin and keep it away from your body. This is more hygienic and allows more air to flow in and around your vagina.

Aren’t Period Panties Expensive?

This sounds like an argument the manufacturers of tampons would make. No, period panties aren’t expensive. Much like anything worth owning, they are a wise investment. Once you have a wardrobe of 10-12 period underwear, you won’t have to buy pads or tampons again. Now stop and think how much you spend each month on pads and tampons. Calculate that by 12, then by 3 or 4 for the number of years your period panties will last. Not looking so expensive now, are they?

More Stuff that Makes Period Panties a Win

Other awesome benefits to period panties are:

  •       No more bulky pads or painful tampons
  •       Longer time in between changes
  •       Cheaper to use in the long run
  •       Super-earth friendly
  •       Less risk of toxic shock, UTIs, and nasty infections
  •       Thousands of  fewer pads and tampons in landfills harming wildlife
  •       Money saver
  •       Look and feel normal on period days
  •       Completely inconspicuous
  •       Easier to use

Period Panties Are the Future

Whether or not they realize it, pad and tampon manufacturers will soon be joining the bandwagon of sustainable period solutions. More and more are switching to this modern way of dealing with their period flow and product improvements are happening as we speak. Let’s face it, period panties just make sense.

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