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Why You Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup from a Tampon

Why You Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup from a Tampon

Ditch the Tampon for a Menstrual Cup

Every month, periods come calling. You stick a tampon in, throw it away, and buy some more. We bet there have been times where you wondered, “Why do girls have to go through it each month?” You can’t stop periods form coming, but you can make your life easier and more convenient during those days. 

It’s a miraculous solution called a menstrual cup. Once you discover the wonders of wearing a menstrual cup, you’ll ditch tampons for good. We’ve come up with various reasons why a menstrual cup triumphs a tampon.

Put Your Comfort and Ease First

Both tampons and menstrual cups are inserted into your vagina, but one is more comfortable than the other. Can you guess which one provides you more comfort and ease? — menstrual cups, hands down! And yes, using a menstrual takes practice, but it’s not rocket science.

A tampon doesn’t let you forget that you’re wearing it, but a menstrual cup does. Once your periods ends, rinse the cup with warm water, boil it, and ta-da — you’re ready to use it next month. 

You’re Doing a Good Deed

With tampons, you’re flooding the environment with toxic products that take several years to disintegrate. After one use, you will chuck it away! You don’t need to add to the pile of used tampons when you can use a menstrual cup. 

Menstrual cups will last you several years. For the environment, your good deed will not go unnoticed. Doesn’t the thought of just doing a good deed make you want to at least try a menstrual cup? We hope it does.

There Will Be Blood But No Leaks

Do you know how much period blood a tampon can hold versus a menstrual cup? A tampon can hold between 9 and 12 grams of period blood, whereas a menstrual cup can hold almost 5x more than that. Which one can hold the most blood? It’s obvious, menstrual cups!

Menstrual cups can hold more than 40 milliliters of blood — that’s saying something! There’s a menstrual cup for every flow. Whether you have a heavy or light flow, there’s a menstrual cup for you. 

Breeze Through Your Cycle

When you’re changing your tampon or pad every 4 to 6 hours and more often if you have a heavier flow, your cycle seems never-ending. You’ll need to change your menstrual cup every 8 to 12 hours; hence, helping you breeze through your cycle. Moreover, your period cycle will feel shorter because you’re only emptying your menstrual cup two times each day.

Farewell Leaks. Hello Confidence!

When a tampon or pad reaches full saturation, it stops absorbing blood and then leaks. You can’t take that risk, which is why you need to change your tampon so quickly. Wearing a tampon also makes you uncomfortable so much so that you have to ask your friend, “Is there blood on the back of my clothes?” With a menstrual cup, there’ll be no checking because there’ll be no leaks. The only time there’s a chance of a leak while wearing a menstrual cup is if you haven’t inserted it properly or it’s the wrong size or shape.

Smell and Inhale the Fresh Air

You won’t cringe each type you change your menstrual cup because they block and eliminate foul odors. A tampon or pad doesn’t have the ability to do that. See, when blood is exposed to air, it results in natural oxidation. A menstrual cup has a seal that ensures that blood doesn’t come into contact with air. You’ll feel cleaner because there’ll be no damp feeling and no string sticking out. 

Go on that Holiday You Want

To go on that holiday, you need money. Now, the money you save from not buying tampons and pads each month can go towards your holiday fund. Even though menstrual cups cost more, you save money in the long run because you’re not continuing to buy them. Buy, wash, and reuse, remember?!

Endless Supply 

You’ll never run out of menstrual cups ever again. Since you can use them for several years, you’ll have one on you even in times of emergency. If you think your periods will surprise you any day now, you can wear a menstrual cup. If you want another emergency method that’s not a menstrual cup, might we suggest period panties? You can wear period panties on days you think your periods will start and when they do, insert a cup. 

Or wear both of them at the same time for added protection against embarrassing blood leaks. Or just wear period panties alone. Both are excellent, reusable, and environmentally-friendly choices that you can wear instead of the conventional mensural products. 

Sleep in Your Birthday Suit

If your preferred method is to sleep in your birthday suit, but periods ruin it for you, a menstrual cup can make it happen all year-round. You don’t have to, but you can without stressing about period blood staining your sheets. You also don’t have to wear your period clothes while sleeping at night. You can wear your comfortable clothes without worrying about any leaks and stains.

Guaranteed Beauty Sleep

When you’re wearing a menstrual cup, there are no strings or uncomfortable padding that forces you to sleep in a certain position on your bed. You can sleep however you want while wearing a reusable menstrual product, such as a cup or period panties. You also do not have to fear about the menstrual cup falling out at night or while performing any type of physical activity. 

What do you say we make the switch from tampons and pads to menstrual cups? If you’re on board or you’re just curious to try a menstrual cup, let us be the first menstrual cup you try. Check out our menstrual cups and place an order.