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How To Use Your Period Cup

WHAT'S A Period CUP? 

A Period Cup is a bell shaped cup designed to collect fluid. These  cups are reusable and a single cup can last for several years. 


Cups are folded up then inserted like a tampon. The cup will then open and form a secure seal in the vaginal walls. It then collects the fluid, as opposed to disposable sanitary products, which absorb the fluid. After about 6-8 hours, [more regularly for a heavy flow] it's emptied, washed then reused. 


When putting in and removing your cup, make sure you’re relaxed. It only takes a few seconds to insert or remove the cup. Once you've done it once or twice, it becomes easier. 

After a few uses you'll become comfortable with the cup insertion and removal. Experiment with different folds until you find a technique that works for you. 


A cup is easier to put in and remove when you're relaxed.

It's best to practice inserting and removing your cup in the shower a couple of times a week before your cycle starts.

You should disinfect your cup before using it for the first time.



1. Wash your hands

 washing hands

Wash your hands thoroughly, you can use water, a water based lubricant, or insert your Moon Cup in the shower.


2. Folding It

folding menstrual cup

Fold your  Cup into a C shape by using both hands to flatten the two sides together then fold it over itself.

If you have trouble getting your cup to open, run it under cold water and try a different fold. However, if you prefer a softer cup, run your cup under warmer water before inserting.


3. Hold Firmly

holding menstrual cup

Hold your Cup firmly in your hand, below the upper rim. Find a comfortable position - sitting, squatting, standing, one leg raised, etc. Gently part your labia (skin around the vagina) with your free hand.


4. Insert

Inserting Menstrual Cup

Insert your Cup slowly into the vagina. Direct it back towards the base of your spine, at a 45% angle, but not directly upward. Allow your cup to open inside the vaginal opening, then move it into position. Your cup should be completely inside and will typically sit lower than a disposable tampon depending on your anatomy and the location of your cervix.


5. Checking the seal

menstrual cup insertion

Make sure that the cup has opened, because this is what forms a suction seal  and prevents leaking. Swirl your finger around the outside of the cup. If you feel any dents in the circumference of the cup, the cup has not properly opened. If your cup hasn't opened, use the stem piece to wiggle the cup to help open it. 

Our Cup can be worn for about 6-8 hours. You should empty and clean your cup before going to bed, then again when you wake up. Depending on how heavy your flow is, the cup may need to be emptied more often.




We recommend that you remove, empty and wash your Cup before going to bed and again in the morning when you wake up. Every cycle, you'll become more familiar with it and have a better feel for when you need to empty it.

For first time users learning to use a cup, we recommend removing and emptying it in the shower.


1. Wash

wash hands

Wash your hands with water and soap. Removal is easier if you are relaxed. Find a comfortable position. If your cup sits high, squatting or tucking your tailbone under while sitting will help shorten the vaginal canal.


2. Remove

removing menstrual cup

Remove your Cup by pinching the base with your index finger and thumb in order to break the seal. Move the cup from side to side as you slide it towards vaginal opening. Pull out the top edge of the rim, tilt it upright then remove the bottom edge keeping it upright.

Don't remove your cup by pulling on the stem without first breaking the suction seal. This will only increase the suction seal making the removal more difficult and could cause the stem to break.


3. Empty & Clean

washing menstrual cup

Empty the contents in the toilet. Wash your cup in the sink with soap and warm water and mild soap and rinse thoroughly.


4. Re-insert

insert menstrual cup

Re-insert your cup.



At the end of each cycle wash and sterilize your cup. 



You can easily clean your Moon Cup by washing it with soap and water. 

Make sure the the tiny holes at the top of your cup are clean and contain no blockage. Holes can be cleaned by squirting clean water through them.



Once your cycle is complete, you should disinfect your cup. Place in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Don't boil for more than 5 minutes as this can cause damage. 



Rinse your cup with fresh water and dry before placing it back in its carry bag until your next period. Never keep your cup in a plastic bag or airtight container as your cup may not dry properly. 

If you start noticing any tears or changes in the texture of your cup, then it’s time to replace it.