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Sleeping Soundly Together: A Guide to Support When Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

Women have problems staining the sheets when they’re on their periods or post-birth incontinence. Real people can have some hormone imbalances that lead to a variety of issues. If you plan on being with a person, you stick with them, no matter their flaws or the bizarre things they experienced. But one of the strangest and most concerning things might happen is if your girlfriend wets the bed. What does this mean? How do you fix the issue? How do you talk about it with her?


The cringe is unimaginable, the awkwardness of having to talk about the situation next time your girlfriend wets the bed. It’s like letting her know that she’s wet herself after drinking too much after a night out. Oh boy, this is a conversation nobody wants to have! But hey, if you want to help your girlfriend fix her problem, you gotta dive in.

So, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Why did your girlfriend wet the bed? Well, turns out she's not alone. Millions of adults all over the world struggle with incontinence. And no, it's not just from drinking too much and passing out (although that certainly doesn't help).

There are actually a bunch of factors that can cause adult bed-wetting, like an overactive vag (yep, that's a thing), diabetes, sleep apnea, certain medications, and even a predisposition to the condition. Scary stuff like cancer or kidney stones could also be to blame, but usually, other symptoms come along with those.

And get this, there's even a hormone called ADH that makes your kidneys produce less urine (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?). But unfortunately, that hormone doesn't always work its magic at night, leaving some people high and dry (or, in this case, low and wet).

While it might be an uncomfortable conversation to have, it's important to figure out what's causing your girlfriend's bed-wetting so she can get the help she needs. And who knows, maybe you'll even learn a thing or two along the way! this hormone just up and quits working, causing sleep enuresis. 

Say your girlfriend is having trouble, be the good guy. Take her to the doctor and make sure they do a urinalysis. Sit with her while she’s going through all of this, make sure she’s okay, and be the rock she needs. Aside from the massive humiliation factor, it might be a more problematic issue. When your girlfriend wets the bed, trust me, it’s not fun for her either by no means. 


Most women are used to wearing some sort of protective underwear like the ones sold at Moon Time Store at least once a month. Tampons, new-fangled period underwear, pads, and diva cups all help women keep from staining the bed, causing unneeded stress. At night periods can be particularly atrocious, so women tend to bulk up on their protection when sleeping.

If your girlfriend is wetting the bed, you should discuss with her wearing some pads or pee panties for incontinence. Using such products won't be such an additional hurdle to sexy time late in the evenings (or really, early in the mornings); when you love someone, your lovemaking doesn’t have to look or feel like a porno to make it right. If it's as simple as removing an adult diaper, so be it. You’ll deal with it to help someone you care about.